Route 47 Parking Lot to Soon to Finished, Useable for Winter

Plus updates on Game Farm Road improvements, Kennedy Road and more engineering projects.

The following updates for city engineering were provided by Jeff Weckbach, Administrative Intern and Bart Olson, City Administrator of the United City of Yorkville:
  1. Rt 47 and Cannonball Improvements- The pavement striping was placed yesterday.  Restoration and street light installation will be completed soon.
  2. Route 47 Parking Lot – Work continues on the parking lot, sidewalk, stair installation and fence installation which will be completed soon. There will still be work left to complete in the Spring on this project, but cars will be able to use the lot this winter.
  3. Game Farm Road/ Somonauk Street Improvements - Offer letters for right-of-way and easements have been sent per Jay Heap and Associates. Over half the parcels have now been acquired. Work to prepare the plans for the November 2014 letting has begun.
  4. Kennedy Road Shared Use Path (ITEP) – The Phase I engineering report has been submitted to City staff and IDOT for review. A public meeting has been scheduled for December 10th at 5:30pm.
  5. Kennedy Road Improvements (Autumn Creek)- Topography is completed and the improvements will be designed over the winter. We are targeting an April 2014 letting.
  6. Cannonball Trail LAFO – Design of the project is ongoing. The current target is for a June 2014 letting.
  7. Raintree Village – Completion of Improvements - Work will begin on preparing the bid packages soon.  We are targeting a April 2014 letting.  


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