KA-CHING - Kendall County Tax Payer APPROVED

Kendall County Coroner's Office Ghost-Payroll Benefits, Full pay for no work, add valet parking + room service in St. Louis, = questionable entitlements, all "approved" by you, the County TaxPayer.

Kendall Coroner Ken Toftoy stated in one July 19, 2012 Record /Sentinel story

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that “he couldn’t recall how much sick time she (Administrative Deputy Coroner Purcell) had available for maternity leave but it allowed enough for two leaves.” During the two “missing at work” periods in question, in both 2010 and 2011, Mrs. Purcell was off over a combined period of 28 weeks. (See
pages 37-38 of 61 and 50-51 of 61 for documented On-Call Duty gaps/absences)
Mrs. Purcell was being paid her entire/full salary during these two absences as if she was in fact at work fulltime, each and every day during both these absences. Mrs. Purcell is now expecting her and Kendall County Board Chairman, John Purcell’s third child. Mrs. Purcell’s has an expected maternity due date sometime in Oct. 2012.

Assuming Mrs. Purcell never took any sick/personal time from her hire date of 8-1-2003 to her first maternity leave, which started 7-7-2010 and lasted to 11-8-2010, (See pages 37-38 of 61 http://yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/j_purcell_on_call_sheets.pdf ) she could have accumulated enough personal/sick time to cover her first fully paid absence. During this first fully paid absence, Mrs. Purcell would have exhausted all the personal/sick time she had accumulated. Later in same news story, Mr. Toftoy states, “she (Mrs. Purcell) had (in 2011) five and half weeks, she used it up and came back to work.” According to County “On-Call Records,” Mrs. Purcell’s was absent (See pages 50-51 of 61 http://yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/j_purcell_on_call_sheets.pdf) from 7-7-2011 to 10-21-2011, yet again received her full-time/full pay salary as if she was at work that entire period of time. During this second absence, according to county employment policy, (http://yorkvilleinsider.org/purcell/employ_handbook_2011.docx = large file, you may have to wait for file to load = Kendall County Employee Handbook, see section 6, pages 36 to 55, please note Sections 6.2, 6.6 and 6.9. It is the employment reference manual for ALL Kendall County Employees)

Mrs. Purcell would have had only five and half weeks of personal/sick time accumulated in 2011 and would have used up all that she had accumulated by early Sept. 2011, if the Kendall County Employee Handbook had been followed. During this second absence, Mrs. Purcell again received her full salary as if she was at work full-time every day during the balance of Sept. and into Oct. of 2011. Mrs. Purcell is currently again pregnant with the John Purcell’s third child; she will still only have just another five and half weeks of personal/sick time for her upcoming third maternity leave.

Why is the Kendall County Board Chairman’s wife being treated differently than all other county employees? Why was she receiving her full salary for not being at work? Will Kendall County Employment Practices and County Employment Policy, as outlined in the Kendall County Employee Handbook and officially signed off on and by Mrs. Purcell on 4-24-2012, be followed by her in the months of Sept. /Oct. /Nov. and possibly Dec. 2012? Or will Kendall County Coroner, Ken Toftoy, just wing it again. Mr. Toftoy has went on the record (see page 4 of 11, March 23, 2012 Kendall County Coroner’s Office Memorandum and page 8 of 11 for Mrs. Purcell’s 4-24-20 12 confirmation of receipt of the Kendall County Employee Handbook  http://www.yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/purcellfoia.pdf) and has stated publicly the he can basically do anything he wants, after all it is HIS Office and HIS Office’s Money, in HIS Budget and HE ALONE will decide
again, just how to handle this expected and upcoming maternity leave for John
and Mrs. Purcell’s third child.  The question to you and me is, “Will we, the county taxpayers, again get to foot this bill for no work and still have to pay someone else to take Mrs. Purcell’s place yet a third time?”

During Mrs. Purcell’s 2011 absence, patronage employee, Matthew Prochaska was hired to take Mrs. Purcell’s place from (See page 2 of 9 http://www.yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/purcellstatement.pdf) 6-10-2011 to 10-28-2011. Mr. Prochaska is Kendall GOP Party Secretary https://sites.google.com/site/kendallcountyrepublicans/about-us)
for Mr. Toftoy, who is Chairman for the Kendall County Republican Party.

Mrs. Purcell confirmed in the 7-19-2012 Record/Sentinel news story she was back “On Call” in September 2010. No county payroll records exist for Mrs. Purcell ever taking a call in either Sept. 2010 or Sept. 2011 (http://yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/j_purcell_on_call_sheets.pdf) while someone else was hired full-time to take her place (see page 1 and 2 of 9, for substitutes hired in Mrs. Purcell’s place http://www.yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/purcellstatement.pdf) two separate times.

As stated in same Record/Sentinel story, County Credit Card records (http://yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/jrpurcell_cc7-24-11to7-29-11.pdf
= 16 pages) do confirm that Mrs. Purcell did in fact attend the Masters 14
Conference (page 2 and 3 of 16) for Advanced Death Investigations at St. Louis
University from 8AM, July 25 to 4PM, July 28, 2011. County Credit Card records
show daily Hyatt Regency room-charges for Valet Parking (page 6 of 16) for each
day billed. This Coroner’s Training event was a 4-day Conference, yet county
taxpayers were billed for valet parking each day. County Board Chairman John
Purcell accompanied Mrs. Purcell during this stay in downtown St. Louis, but
was apparently unwilling to park their car at the Hyatt for his pregnant wife,
so we, the tax payers, paid for that very much needed government service for
Mrs. Purcell.   

County Credit Card records also show Breakfast Room Service charges to Room 886, which we taxpayers paid for in the amount of $48.55 on (page 6 of 16 http://yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/jrpurcell_cc7-24-11to7-29-11.pdf) 7-25-2011, which included 1-Kid Turkey Dog, Mac-n-Cheese, and Apple Juice. On 7-26-2011, Breakfast Room Services were charged (Page 10 of 16 http://yorkvilleinsider.org/Purcell/jrpurcell_cc7-24-11to7-29-11.pdf) for $55.00, which included 1-Kid Fruit Cup and 1-Kid Apple Juice. Remember these are supposed to be legitimate and needed basic government service charges for one Kendall County Coroner’s Office employee on a training trip, not the entire Purcell family.

These are just some of the questionable “entitlement” credit card charges found to date and submitted by the Purcell’s and current Kendall County Coroner Ken Toftoy, which were paid by us taxpayers.
(http://www.todd4kendall.org/resources/toftoyexpense.pdf See page 6 thru 43 of 43) Then read Mr. Toftoy’s public explanation http://www.todd4kendall.org/resources/ls022312toftoy.pdf) about all these much “needed government services” we Kendall County Taxpayers APPROVED.

Ka-ching! Now you know why there is a tax-revolt.


For more reading and info here is the link to my prior blog =

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Laura Bee August 18, 2012 at 07:09 AM
So, we, the Tax Payers pretty much paid for an all expense paid family vacation. When most of us can't even afford our own vacations because we have this budget thing we have to abide by in our households. We have to do that thing called "Being Responsible" ....and pay our outragous taxes. For this ?!? And, what is all this paid leave stuff? And being able to "roll over" sick days and vacation time. Who even gets sick days in the real world? Is that even a real benefit anymore? Unless of course you are a "Privleged servent". How about a no nepotism law........I would love to see that. Sounds to me like they made this job up for her because of her husbands position so they could double dip and cover for eachother. The "Good Ol' Boys Days" are long over people. Snap out of it, we can't afford your fairy tale world any longer. Todd, can you get someone to park my car for me? My neighbor will pay for it, no worries. And...........Thank You for bringing the truth to light once again.
Audity August 18, 2012 at 12:12 PM
I'm still stuck on the idea of being able to accrue 240 sick days. Even 12 sick days per year seems excessively generous - that's essentially one three-day weekend every single month. But, how is the concept of banking 240 sick days even remotely founded in reality? Maybe it's just me - is it? Who thinks of these things?
Daron Spicher August 18, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Cut this budget and every other public sector budget by a swift 40% and let's see if we even notice a difference.
Tim August 18, 2012 at 01:38 PM
Todd, that is an editorial. It is not news. The expenses to maintain an exurb are astronomical. It is a basic fact of resource allocation. This was a warning that was issued long before any of you even moved there. But Stephen 'was there' at the board meeting, so he understands everything. Just like he can write down the schematic of the computer he is using, because he is sitting in front of it. Has it ever occurred to either of you that the SA is setting you up for failure? Sometimes, people think more than 3 seconds ahead. Like I already said, when one of you offers to have your street plowed 20% less, or offers to put the fire department on a schedule of 1 day off a week, it's all just grandstanding. You have no idea what the costs required to provide the services you take for granted are, which is obvious when you are harping on $48 meals, or purchases of water for personal use as justification for cutting 20% of every taxing body. I guess you think the highway department is over funded too, since only one bridge collapsed along a secondary artery. You would be worried about the details of the makeup on a womans face, who just got shot in the chest with a large caliber weapon.
Tim August 18, 2012 at 01:52 PM
And who was the treasurer that approved all of these requests, Todd? You always leave that name out, don't you? But will drop the Purcell name at the drop of a hat, along with any and all nicknames. You are right about one thing Todd, people are listening. And they have noticed that you are clearly making political attacks on your opponents while giving your allies(Anne Vickery, the treasurer) a free pass. Anne got booted out with overwhelming decisiveness in the March election, without you even mentioning her name. Those you obviously have a political axe to grind with, easily won their elections. If there is one constant, it is that anyone who gets associated with Todd loses their respective elections, and anyone Todd is against, easily wins theirs. So yes Todd, you are an important source of information, just not the type of information you think.
Let's be fair August 18, 2012 at 04:27 PM
That's well put. I'm glad someone else has noticed Mr. Milliron's glaring hypocrisy. I could get on board with a true "good government" crusader, but this guy only seems to "crusade" for good government when it suits his political allies of the moment.
Travis McGee August 18, 2012 at 05:38 PM
Well, I did not vote for Anne Vickery in the primary (and unlike Tim or Jon Zahm, I actually live in Kendall County and can vote for or against Kendall County officials in the upcoming election). I also think Anne shared in the blame in first bringing approving the expenditures and then waiting to bring this to light until the primary was over (presumably because it also reflected poorly on herself). But regardless of the motivations, the facts are what the facts are. Our county government has taken a very casual attitude towards expenditures at all levels and its time to hold ALL of our county officials accountable for the lackadaisical and unnecessary expenditures.
Stephen Youhanaie August 18, 2012 at 06:39 PM
Well Daron, 20% is doable, 25% is possible. The "on budget" for all employment expenditures in the Kendall County Coroner's Office (excluding the Coroner) is $51,000 per year. The "off budget" (health insurance for a full time employee, paid by the county, family plan) is $20,000. Total = $71,000. Restructuring the office to mirror the DeKalb County Coroner's Office will reduce the budget/expenditures by 20 to 25 %. How? Change the office to have a Chief Deputy Coroner (part-time), a Deputy Coroner (part-time), and a secretary/clerk (part-time). If the DeKalb County model is followed, the total employment (excluding the Coroner) expenditures will decrease by at least $35,000. Then, when you mirror the office supplies, maintenance, and training expenses that the DeKalb County Corner incurs, you will save another $5,600. This totals out to over $40,000, or more than 25% of the on, and off budget expenses created by the current Kendall County Coroner's Office. Why use DeKalb? They are only a few thousand in population different than Kendall County. DeKalb County has a substantially larger geographic area to cover. They process close to 250% more deaths than Kendall County (yearly), because they have 2 hospitals, where Kendall County has none. Mr. Dabney has agreed to these general guidelines, because he sees the possibilities, as he has had the working experience, in that office, for many years.
Tim August 18, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Stephen, you were told many times to specifically read the actual law on the Coroner's office to avoid making a fool out of yourself. It's quite clear that you haven't read it yet. People that die in hospitals usually have no need for a coroner, unless they arrive DOA, or die on an operating table. They don't respond to hospitals unless there is need to investigate the death, and certainly not every death. Dying from a fatal disease would have no involvement of the coroner unless foul play was suspected. FYI- Kendall already has a total budget for the Coroners office that is almost 50% lower than DeKalb. You understand that switching to a 'DeKalb model' would actually increase your costs, don't you? http://www.ilga.gov/legislation/ilcs/ilcs4.asp?DocName=005500050HDiv.+3-3&ActID=750&ChapterID=12&SeqStart=16300000&SeqEnd=20800000 The Office of Coroner, by Illinois State Statute, (55 ILCS 5/3-3007), is a law enforcement agency. Each Coroner shall be conservator of the peace in his county, and in the performance of his duties as such, shall have the same powers as the sheriff. The main functions of this office include: Respond to and investigate deaths that occur outside of hospital or clinical settings with such investigations including scene analysis, photography, sketching, witness interviews, body examination, and utilization of other forensic tests as indicated.
Stephen Youhanaie August 18, 2012 at 08:46 PM
Hi Tim, Jillian should be able to confirm that Mr. Weis took his actions, at his discretion. She was there, too. Also, Mr. Koukol asked Mr. Weis to go 8 years back. Mr. Weis chose 3. You cynical remarks are no subsitute for fact. Is it possible that you can come up with solutions, instead of negative comments, or "it can't be done" banter? Why dn't you learn to put out a fire, instead of being an arsonist?
Stephen Youhanaie August 18, 2012 at 09:01 PM
Hi Tim, Please provide the links for the budgets for both Coroners, so that the readers of this blog can see that what you say is true. That is, the Kendall County Coroner's budget is half (or almost 50% lower, as you put it) of the DeKalb County Coroner's Budget. You won't because you are making this stuff up. Also, you seem to want the readers ot this blog to believe that the DeKalb County Coroner is not following the law. Maybe you should alert the DeKalb County officials of this, and have him pay for his maleasance.
Tim August 18, 2012 at 09:03 PM
Not many people would put much faith in what Jillian can 'confirm' after her incident of totally misrepresenting the facts on sewage being dumped on a local farm. Todd filed the initial complaint with the SA office, or have you missed the thousands of links to his own website that Todd has posted here documenting each step along the way of his reporting this? But back then, it was ONLY against Todds political opponents, not the entire board. He took pictures of the forms, he took pictures of the evidence he submitted, he even took pictures of his own signature to prove it was him initially submitting this information to the SA. The 'action' the SA took was to tell the county to pay for its own audit to determine if these charges made by Todd are even true. Only then, would the SA actually be involved with this. The SA has not even begun an investigation yet and other than professional opinions, has had no binding input on the matter. The county board actually decided the length of time to go back, during a vote just a few short weeks ago, not the SA. I have noticed that as the deadline draws near for the release of this information, Todds friends are trying to distance Todd from being involved in it. He owns this, and the residents clearly remember the role he has played in it, no matter how much you try to rewrite history. Class act though, accusing someone of a felony. Fits your group perfectly though.
Tim August 18, 2012 at 09:13 PM
Even though these links were already provided to you barely a week ago, it hasn't stopped you from making the claims that you have been. I'd be happy to provide them as many times as you make these silly claims so that people can see that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. http://www.daily-chronicle.com/mobile/article.xml/articles/2012/03/22/r_rheawad4qi67rlhgqjxiq/index.xml "The (DeKalb)county board recently approved an additional $18,000 on top of the coroner’s $199,070 (2012)budget" http://www.co.kendall.il.us/county_administration/budgets/KC_FY12_Budget.pdf pg 42 Total expenditures on Kendall Coroners office - 152,407 DeKalb = $217,000 Kendall = $152,407 Not one single time have I ever said DeKalb is not following the law. What I have said, is that if anything Kendall county is underfunding the office.
Stephen Youhanaie August 18, 2012 at 09:58 PM
Tim, now you're cooking with gas; good job. Note the health insurance line items, and FICA items in both budgets. The Kendall County Coroner's budget doesn't have them. Why? Because Kendall County has a different reporting system. They have these line items coming out of a different section of the entire Kendall County budget. If they were added, the Coroner's budget would be just over $200,000 (est.) $40,000 for Mr. Toftoy's and Mrs. Purcell's "county paid" health insurance, and $10,000 FICA, SUTA, FUTA taxes. DeKalb County processed 556 deaths..Kenall, 231..autopsies ($1000 pop) DeKalb about 30 more..do the math everybody
Stephen Youhanaie August 18, 2012 at 10:14 PM
OK, call Jillian a liar in advance, if so, hold Mr. Koukol to the same standad..your call
Stephen Youhanaie August 18, 2012 at 10:33 PM
Hi Tim, so the readers of this blog can see how you perform basic mathematics...You said the Kendall County Coroner's budget is almost 50% less than the DeKalb County Coroner's budget..DeKalb..$217.000 times 50% is $108,500..so how can anybody say that your $152,000 disclosure of the Kendall County Coroner's budget is "almost 50% less"?
Rockturner August 19, 2012 at 12:31 AM
Attacking Todd in this article because he has taken the time to do the research and expose corruption is childish. Todd and Anne are not allies. SHE is the one who exposed her fellow board members since she got beat and will no loger be on the Board. She has been around, and knows where all the dead bodies are buried.(pun intended due to nature of article) His information comes from public legal documents that are available for public view. They are not fabricated in any way. This is how the county and the state run. That is why we are in trouble in Il.
Rockturner August 19, 2012 at 12:36 AM
I do need to correct Todd. I have seen Jim Detzlers Cadillac with the Vanity plate and it reads "JD HOGG" not, boss hog. Same mentality as boss hog. Keep turning over the rocks and keep us informed Todd. Good Job!!!!!!!!!!
Tim August 19, 2012 at 01:17 AM
Yes. What I meant to say was that the DeKalb county coroners office is close to 50% more than Kendall countiy(its actually 45%), not Kendall 50% less. It was a phrasing mistake, but it far from negates the larger point, which is that Kendall pays significantly less than DeKalb, with Kendall still having more people. It also doesn't change the fact that if you adopted a 'DeKalb model' as you suggested, your costs would go up, and not down as you claim.
Jon Zahm August 19, 2012 at 02:07 AM
I confirmed with Ken Toftoy that he buys his parade water from Menard's with campaign funds. The water he purchased for the office is for the mini-fridge there that he and Jackie keep for the families of the deceased who come in for meetings. I would say the water is a "dead issue" but that would be a bad joke. And it is not funny when anonymous attackers falsely accuse honest public officials with misconduct.
Jillian Duchnowski August 19, 2012 at 02:12 AM
I think they ended up deciding to go back 3.5 years. The audit will be from December 2008 to June 1. See this article: http://patch.com/A-vwhH
Jon Zahm August 19, 2012 at 02:13 AM
Greg, a real reformer is Chris Lauzen. Todd Milliron is an opportunist who has achieved nothing in government and politics. He is trying desperately to earn elected office and failing at every turn. His enemies list changes as frequently as a baby's diaper. if you encourage him and take his help, like the former Mayor of Yorkville, Democrat Valerie Burd, you are an ally of his. If you oppose him for County Board because he formerly ran as a Green Party radical, then he tries to smear you.
Jon Zahm August 19, 2012 at 02:39 AM
I just visited the links that you (Todd) have posted. Jacquie's "hourly" work that you describe is the on-call hours that she is on duty. The on call Deputy Coroner gets paid $2.00 an hour. That is a bargain for being ready and able to report at any hour of the day or middle of the night. And Ken Toftoy is not my "employer." I am an independent consultant. An employer/employee relationship is much different.
Tim August 19, 2012 at 02:41 AM
Kendall County full time employees pay into IMRF, not Social Security(FICA). And it is not paid in addition to salary, like Disctrict 308 does for teachers pensions. It is coming right out of the salary paycheck exactly as listed, as a deduction. Which then shows up as 'revenue' on the receivables side of the budget. Are you going to cite the sources of any of your information? I would be interested to see how health insurance costs add up to 60K/yr for that one office in Kendall county, while the same office in DeKalb comes in at $17K.
Todd Milliron August 19, 2012 at 03:00 AM
@Jon Zahm, (= Paid Political Commenter) Your comment reminds me of the rhetoric spewed by the former Iraqi Information Minister (aka 'Baghdad Bob'). Sir, the Citizens of Kendall County are fed up with business as usual and we are not going to take it anymore. http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/images/blsaddamstatue.htm http://politicalhumor.about.com/library/jokes/bljoke-iraqinfominister.htm
Jon Zahm August 19, 2012 at 03:01 AM
In terms of the overall budget amount of the Kendall County Coroner's Office I am very impressed that for $152,000 Toftoy runs a 24/7/365 enterprise. Even if health insurance costs bring that number up, it is still a great bargain. You can't buy one 4 bedroom house in Yorkville for that price and Ken runs a whole department for a year for that amount. The Henry County Coroner's office, where I live,and whose budget I vote on, is $79,666 for a population of 51,000. We have 823 square miles. We have a great Coroner who runs a tight ship. If you project out our budget to Kendall County's 116,000 population it would be a budget of about $175,000. So making the argument that Toftoy is spending wildly is out of whack. I am not going to respond to every comment on this site. Just correct misinformation when I come across it.
Stephen Youhanaie August 19, 2012 at 05:21 AM
Tim and Jon, Your numbers are way out of whack. First, 45% of 217,000 is 97650. 217000 - 97650 = 119,350. a far cry from 152000. The DeKalb Coroner's budget includes cost of employment items such as county paid health insurance, retirement contributions, and the employer payments to medicare/social security. Kendall County pays these items out of a different budget line items, outside the Croner's budget. If they were included, the Kendall County Coroner's budget would be over $190,000 at best, over $200,000 at worst.
Stephen Youhanaie August 19, 2012 at 05:28 AM
DeKalb, and Kendall County populations are within 10% of each other, or around 10,000 difference. Because there are no hospitals in Kendall, there were 231 deaths processed in Kendall, 556 in DeKalb (2 hospitals), almost 250% more. Autopsies alone cost DeKalb more than Kendall by $30,000. So when you do a direct cost per process death, DeKalb is $400/death, Kendall is $800.
Stephen Youhanaie August 19, 2012 at 05:37 AM
My cost reductions for Kendall are primarily (90% of it) by modeling the EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES of DeKalb County's Coroner. NO FULL TIME EMPLOYEES NECESSARY! No healh insurance, or retirement contrbutions have to be paid to full time employees because you have none. 24/7/365 service is maintained with 2 deputies, not 5. The slack is picked up by the kendall County Coroner. This saves the County 20% when it comes to direct Coroner Dept. costs, and off budget employment costs. What part of this math can you not get? I'll be glad to school you, again.
Stephen Youhanaie August 19, 2012 at 05:55 AM
Hi Tim, The health insurance, and IMRF costs would include both the Coroner, and the full time employee. That is more like the $40000 area, not $60000 as you prove again, your math skills need sharpening. See below where you state that 152000 is almost 50% less than 217000, then you back it off to 45%. Not even close.


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