Should We Trust Romney On Taxes?

Does Romney's ability to create personal wealth qualify him to be president of the U.S.?

There has been much speculation on Romney’s historically unprecedented refusal to release more than two years of tax returns. Romney, who also refused to release any tax returns in his 2002 run for governor, seems to be acting on some mysterious principal that his tax return is sacred script, never to be made public. But the more strident his refusal becomes, the more curious the public becomes in wanting to know what he is hiding that would be so devastating to his campaign that he is willing to be dogged by this for the rest of the campaign.

I have to admit, as an owner of a small IRA account, I am intrigued that Romney has over one million dollars in his IRA account, a feat that is financially impossible to accomplish within the context of IRA rules. The path Romney followed through the ticket of the tax code to get around those rules most certainly is only available to the very, very wealthy. And that is the crux of Romney’s tax return problem. His returns provide a window into how the tax code is used to protect the exceptionally wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Romney has said many times that he pays everything he is legally required to pay, but what he won’t say is that there are different sets of rules for what is "legally required," one which favors people with immense wealth, and a different set for people like me. Romney also won’t say that as president, he will be the one who decides what is "legally required."

It is an issue of fairness. No tax system will be considered fair and supported by the public when the rules are not the same for everybody or when the rules are being written by individuals who are either owned by special interest groups or are beneficiaries of the very rules they are writing. 

And that is where trust comes in. There are going to be big changes in our tax system in the next few years. Should we entrust those changes to an individual who gleefully signed a pledge to Washington lobbyist, Grover Norquist, agreeing never to raise tax revenue no matter how dire the fiscal health of the country, to an individual who has Swiss bank accounts, Cayman Islands accounts and other offshore holdings whose sole purpose is the sheltering of taxes? Should we entrust the changing of our tax policy to someone who seems to think the sole duty of the office of the President is to make certain that corporations and the very rich pay as little taxes as possible?

The Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center report graphically illustrates how successful Romney’s tax policy would be in redistributing the wealth upwards and in punishing the middle class and working poor.

Romney aides claim that Romney’s economic and tax policies would be George W. Bush on steroids. Enough said!

Ron Kurowski

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Dave September 12, 2012 at 01:34 AM
I can't for Kerry's response. "Its" going to be great!
Wally Pickens September 12, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Russ, sorry but your wrong again, when your wife Christa, was running for treasurer of H&S at Hunt Club, SHE stated that she had 5 kids in school and that Liam and Pax were going to Long Beach. I did not make that statement, just wanting to know who was lying, you or your wife.
russ harrison September 12, 2012 at 02:06 AM
You just can't make this stuff up folks! Follow this logic: Obama wants to waive certain beaurocratic red tape for states that are trying to put welfare recipients to work as part of their program..that means that the White House is trying to make it easier for states to put welfare recipients to work, pretty simple, right? Streamline or eliminate some federal versus state barriers and put poor people to work. Simple. But...and this is where I get confused...House Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp (R Mich) and Senator Orrin Hatch (R Utah) of the Senate Finance Committee are asking fellow Republicans to vote to block those measures by forcing a simple majority vote in the Senate by invoking the Congressional Review Act...which will effectively keep those welfare recipients from working in some states...which is what the GOP keeps complaining about, welfare people not having to work. So, the White House claims they are not trying to waive work requirements, only make it easier for states to require work for welfare. But Camp and Hatch want to torpedo that idea...I thought we wanted welfare recipients to work, or did I miss that part of the GOP line? Did the GOP Gurus suddenly decide welfare good, working bad? Or has Hatch and Camp finally lost their collective marbles and truly believe we're going to blindly follow them no matter what it does to the economy? Oh wait! They already decided we were going to do whatever they decided...as long as Obama gets gone.Silly us.
russ harrison September 12, 2012 at 02:25 AM
Wally Pickens> You are a vile person to continually attack my wife and I by bringing our dead sons up in this public forum. I think my wife and I both know which 2 of our children are dead, which 2 attend Hunt Club and which one attends Longbeach. She has never bought up Liam and Paxton at anyHunt Club meeting other than as an aside to another parent that had lost their child.You are aware of this fact and have again chosen to open these wounds. Attacking parents over dead children to discredit them is as low as a person can possible stoop. You are a vile person to continually bring my dead children into a public forum to further your own agenda. You are without a doubt, a loathesome coward that has intentionally and repeatedly brought up a tragic incident in order to further your miserable little life. Go back into hiding under your rock you miserable excuse or a human being.
Wally Pickens September 12, 2012 at 01:05 PM
Russ, your about as dumb as they come, look back at your posts, YOU brought up your kids, NOT ME. You are worthless to say that I 'm attacking you, you made false statements about my children going to Hunt Club. But anyway, I now know that both you and your wife are liars, your wife lies about the family, and you lie about knowing how to do construction.


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