Yorkville Grade School Welcomes Award-Winning Author

Carolyn Crimi encourages students to write during her visit to school.

Yorkville Grade School students were treated with a visit from published author Carolyn Crimi on Tuesday afternoon. She late returned in the evening to tell families about how she became an author, her writing process and how she gets her ideas.

Crimi talked about all the kinds of writing that someone could do.

"Do you like SpongeBob?" she asked as hands flew into the air.  "Somebody wrote that."

She shared a picture story that she had written when she was 6, as well as a stack of rejection letters she has received throughout the years. 

"I call these my badge of courage because it takes a lot of courage to send out your writing knowing you will probably get rejected," she said. 

Crimi also showed the children her sparkly red journal that she writes in every day.  She said it is a part of her daily routine. 

Some children participated in a lively reading of her book "Henry and The Buccaneer Bunnies" by shouting "Ahoy!" on cue. 

Crimi also was able to autograph her books for the children.

Scratch On Patch March 20, 2011 at 03:32 PM
These events are wonderful for the children. I don't know if there was any cost to the school? However, children need to hear from many inspirational speakers throughout each school year. Too many families struggle and children see some negative/restricting influences at home. These speakers give children some inspiration (even if it only lasts for a short while).
Julie Triphahn March 20, 2011 at 06:48 PM
Scratch, Ms. Crimi was paid out of the schools budget, I'm not sure how much. She was a very positive influence and gave the children the message that they could do anything they could dream about doing.


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