Y115 Boundary Review Meeting Scheduled for Wednesday

The proposed boundary review, to be submitted in January, will determine the future of full day kindergarten.

If you missed the town hall style meeting to discuss school boundaries for Yorkville schools, you have one more chance Wednesday.

Last month Patch reported that full day kindergarten was unlikely for the 2014-15 school year and depended upon a boundary study.

Now you can learn about that boundary study and what it means for the district. 

The Boundary Review Committee for  Yorkville 115 will be an informal meeting for community members to share information about the process and progress of the boundary study and invites for community memers to share feedback.

The committee is made up of community leaders, district office staff, school administrators and parents, was established to discuss elementary school boundaries and develop a sustainable plan for enrollment growth.

Superintendent Tim Shimp said the district is expected to receive the results of the boundary study in January and use the next few months to look at facilities and what the district does and does not have available.

"We have some buildings that are quickly getting to capacity that we we’re looking at,” said Shimp. “We’re also identifying our special programs that we have or would like to have,” like full day kindergarten, special education and ELL.

The boundary meeting is set for Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Yorkville Middle School.


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