Bristol Bay Elementary School Raises Student Test Scores

119 fourth- and fifth-grade-students exceeded ISATs.

Bristol Bay Elementary School recognized 119 fourth- and fifth-grade-students who exceeded state standards on the Illinois Standard Achievement Test.

The students were recognized at a special awards night on Thursday, December 13th. Last year, 89 fourth- and fifth-grade-students at the school exceeded state standards on the ISAT. This year, the same number of students were tested and 119 rose to the challenge.

"The success of the students at Bristol Bay is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of the teachers at all grade levels, the students, and the parents who support education on a daily basis," said Principal Dave Taylor.

Continuous improvement is part of what makes Yorkville schools exceptional. While tests are not the only measure of student success, an increase in the number of students exceeding state standards is certainly a viable way to see a school's effectiveness, school officials said.

Inforation provided by CUSD 115.


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