Leaders Looking for Architect for Yorkville High School Expansion

District 115 board members will seek bids from several architects to keep the project cost-effective.

Yorkville officials want to expand as smaller classes graduate and larger ones move into the building on Game Farm Road.

But the project’s scope and price tag are still being determined.

“We know we need a fieldhouse and an auditorium and some additional classrooms,” District 115 Superintendent Scott Wakeley said Tuesday. “Now we need to find an architect to find out what that type of project is going to cost and how we can make this project as cost efficient and cost effective as possible.”

Officials have been discussing overcrowding for months, instituting a one-way policy in some stairways at the high school last academic year.

About 1,130 students (sophomores through seniors) last academic year attended the high school, which is designed to hold 1,200. Across the street, 398 freshmen attended , which has an estimated capacity of 450.

While school officials have been pleased with Mark Miller, the architect who has worked on several projects in the district, they plan to open up the process to see what ideas other architects have in regards to expanding or renovating.

"Opening it up is no way a condemnation of Mark Miller," Wakeley said during the Sept. 26 board meeting. "We've had nothing but good with Mark Miller. They didn't build the original high school but they've been with us since then. We invite them to participate if that's the way the board wants to go."

Wakeley added it just makes sense in the current economic climate to seek out other options.

Many District 115 board members agreed.

"I see no harm in getting additional ideas,” said School Board Vice President Lynn Burks. “I think we should have multiple options to look at. Ultimately (Mark Miller) may be the choice."

"I've been extremely happy with the group we've worked with but I also have an interest in what else could be there,” board member Dave Dockstader said.

At this point, project costs are up in the air, Wakeley said.

“We have been told from the state we are in line to get upwards of $7.6 million from a 2003 construction grant,” he said. “We haven’t received that yet, so part of the process is talking to the architects to see if we have to go to the community for funding.”

Scratch on Patch October 13, 2011 at 02:06 PM
The biggest portion of my over-inflated tax bill and you want to what... "part of the process is talking to the architects to see if we have to go to the community for funding" Exactly why do we need this (they are nice wants, but not needs)... “We know we need a fieldhouse and an auditorium and some additional classrooms,” How about moving the kids from the Raintree School to the Yorkville Intermediate School and using the Raintree School as a second high school? If the YIS is over crowded by adding Raintree, then send 1/2 the YIS to the Freshman Academy and eliminate the Freshman Academy by dividing the Freshman between the 2 high schools. No building required if the numbers work. Each high school with freshman would have about 750 kids. Smaller class sizes, less traffic over the bridge during road widening, better structured for the future growth, hire a few more teachers (raises taxes), athletics can stay together or seperate and bump the sports down a division or two. There has to be a better way without building more and raising taxes!!! Please get your heads out of the box and take a look around.
Tina Conley October 13, 2011 at 02:54 PM
Yorkville, meet Oswego...
Diana Pellack Boyd October 13, 2011 at 05:19 PM
If we are going to expand the high school why don't we build a Yorkville South to handle the overcrowding of the high school. We are already planning on spending money to expand the existing high school, why not just build a new high school?
Scratch on Patch October 13, 2011 at 05:52 PM
Someone will correct me if I am wrong. : ) The Raintree School was originally designed to become Yorkville High South when needed. I would say it is needed! Let the shuffle begin and provide a few more teachers with jobs. Better educations for the kids and another reason for people to move to Yorkville again.


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