Move And The Way Will Open

I'm trying a different approach. I don't have any expectations on how the details of life will work out, I'm just moving forward anyway.


MOVE and the way will open --Zen Proverb

There are so many things I'd love to do. I can't do them because of this reason or that reason. The dreams I've always had, some of which I believe might even be my life's purpose, then become a source of disappointment and bitterness. I don't like things the way they are right now, but what is there to do aside from drudging through the daily motions of life? I guess I'll go eat worms!

Six words. “Move and the way will open.” I can hear a quote like this and let it go right in one ear and out the other, but instead I dissected it.

Move what? Move towards my dreams and goals? That sounds neat, but remember I can't accomplish them because of this reason and that reason!

How about moving without concerning myself with details or with the end result being accomplished or not?

One of my ultimate dreams for a long time has been to go on spiritual journey to India. How can I move toward that? I can't go to India because I have too many family and business obligations. Plus, I don't know the first thing about traveling to India. Should I just take the leap and buy a plane ticket? Well, let's not move quite that fast because now I've conjured up a boat load of anxiety thinking about the all the details. Instead I simply started reading about India. Now I'm actually reading about people who took spiritual journeys to India. That led to a conversations with a couple of different acquaintances who actually went on journeys to India. One of those conversations led me to read more about Ayurvedic medicine which is practiced in India. After reading about Ayurveda it led me to get in touch with a practitioner who teaches it. The teacher led me to a class she thought I would like. The class ends with a spiritual retreat in India. I'm not there yet, but all of the sudden I can see that it is a very probable that at some point I'm going to India. I may not have all the details worked out yet but I'm glad I started to MOVE. I have hope.

How does the possibility of my dream coming true start to unfold when I was originally very sure that I could never attain it? It's easy to see that one thing leads to another. You get what you give.

How will I finally get to my goal? How will that final door open? I don't know and I prefer to accept it's none of my business. After deciding to move in the direction of my dream, even with small steps, in a matter of a few months I already have a very realistic future plan in place. That is exciting! I've tried this in other areas of my life and sometimes "the way" leads me in a totally different direction than I originally thought I wanted. Sometimes that different direction is even better than my original hope or dream. I'm learning to move, let go, and trust the way that the process unfolds for me.  

If there is anything you want to be, anything you want to do, anything you want to have, just move towards it. Read about it. Talk about it. Ask about it. Act like you are going to do it. No matter how small your steps are.... just move and trust that the way will open.


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