Crazy for Cartoons? Look Back at 2013 for Laughs

Which Illinois politician will be arrested next? What will happen with our taxes? Which big corporation will threaten to leave us next? Predictions, anyone?

Hellooo, it's me. Madeleine Doubek here again. Planning out those many, happy returns? Stuck working? Or just need a break from all that family fun, festiveness and frivolity? No matter what, Reboot Illinois to the rescue! We've got plenty of fascinating news, views and more. We're here to help. Read on and click away!

'Toon-ing in 
We know you're all tuned in to our terrific cartoons so we couldn't let another year go by without gathering up a collection of the year's finest. The king, aka Speaker Madigan, says check out our special year-end cartoon slide show right now!

Who will Rush in? Congressman Bobby Rush is late with his taxes. He got a $1 million grant for a tech center, but nothing's been built. And there's more you just won't believe. It's time for some action!

Futures market meet Illinois Which Illinois politician will be arrested next? What will happen with our taxes? Which big corporation will threaten to leave us next? And who will win? Gaze into your crystal ball and give us your predictions for 2014. Click the link to join our new year's forecasting fun!

Shaken, not stirring It's always been about hierarchy and who's turn it is. Now here comes labor to do it's own shaking up. Capitol Fax's Rich Miller takes a peek at what's next in the Republican race for governor. Don't miss it.

Join us and your lawmakers Live in McHenry or Lake County? Just want to participate in a good, bipartisan conversation among state lawmakers? We're hosting a special town hall forum with Republican state Sen. Pamela Althoff, Democratic state Rep. Jack Franks and Republican state Rep. Barbara Wheeler on January 14th. Learn more here and sign up to participate!

TOP 5 Here's a look at the top politics and government headlines from around Illinois:
5. A former Chicago Comptroller could face up to 15 years in prison for crimes he committed while serving in Ohio. (Chicago Sun-Times)
4. Metra looks to move on from 2013, is trying to find a new CEO and a new Chairman of the Board. (Chicago Tribune)
3. After Chicago Public Schools said no to two new charter schools, a little-known state agency created by Michael Madigan said yes, overruling CPS. (Chicago Sun-Times)
2. Opinion: With three counties on the list of “judicial hellholes,” the Land of Lincoln has become the Land of Lawsuits. (The Southern Illinoisan)
1. Video: Chicago Sun-Times reporter Natasha Korecki sits down with a round-table panel to discuss the top political stories in Illinois and Chicago in 2013. (Chicago Sun-Times)


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