The Best Place to Workout in Yorkville Is...

Over 3,500 votes were cast.

... Bare Bones Crossfit!

3,511 votes were cast in the battle for the best place to workout in Yorkville through the Yorkville Patch, and Bare Bones Crossfit came out on top with 51 percent of the vote. 

Heaven and Hell Bootcamp took second place with 34 percent of the vote and 
Sense of Samdhi rounded out the top three with 8 percent.

Patch readers had this to say about Bare Bones Crossfit:

Will B. he crossfit community is like none other I have ever experienced. The coaches provide valuable training with the movements and nutrition to help you meet your goals. I have lifted weights, circuit trained, cardio programs, spin...you name it and by far I have achieved the best results ever! I am stronger now than I was in my 20's. If you are looking to get whipped into shape, stop looking and go visit Barebones Crossfit.
Nathan T. If you are looking for results and true transformation, Bare Bones CrossFit tops the list. After years of running on the "dreadmill" and performing weird machine exercises, I have found a place that truly helped me achieve the fitness I never imagined. Check it out. 
Kim W. The workouts can be scaled for any fitness level and you see a variety of all ages in the classes. The coaches are great and the environment is very welcoming and fun.


Stay tuned for the next "best of" battle coming up later in the week! 


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