Woodridge Mayoral Candidates Start Discussion on Patch

Four candidates filed to run for mayor in Woodridge, and two of them have taken to Patch's Local Voices section to talk with voters.

Campaign season is in full swing for the April 9 municipal elections, and some Woodridge mayoral candidates have turned to Patch to share opinions and get voter feedback. 

Five people filed to run for the open position of Woodridge mayor, but current trustee Joe Kagann later withdrew his petition. The others running are: current trustee Gina Cunningham-Picek, as well as Gregory Abbott, Mike Krucek and Ferenc Vandor.

Patch offers an open forum called Local Voices where anyone in the community can share news, photos, opinions and more directly on the site. So far, candidates Cunningham-Picek and Krucek have taken advantage of this tool to start a discussion with voters. 

Are you a candidate? Blog on Patch to share news, photos and opinions as you prepare for the election. Get started here or email woodridge@patch.com for more information.

Want to know who else is running? 2013 Election: Woodridge Residents Running for Mayor and More

To read some of the Local Voices blog posts from the two mayoral candidates who have posted so far, see below:

Mike Krucek

  • Committment to Youth
  • I'd Like Your Opinion
  • What Do Business Leaders Say About Mike Krucek?
  • Mike Krucek 4 Mayor
  • Why Mike Krucek?

Gina Cunningham-Picek

  • More Village Residents Support Gina For Mayor
  • Gina For Mayor - Support January 25th Fund Raiser
  • Gina For Mayor - Campaign Update
  • Gina For Mayor - Campaign Pledge
Just Spanky March 12, 2013 at 01:16 AM
Oh Evelynn II....the nastiness in your words and comments sure does come through...perhaps a touch of kindness and/or if that is hard for you to muster.....just tact. ALL 200 embers of the CofC aren't running for Mayor of Woodridge....so again, please, stop deflecting....his hands are and were all over the debackle that the chamber became.....why does anyone want that same sort of sloppy, careless, reckless and plain disfunctional methods of management to be applied to the village ...which has sustained financial progress throughout despite a tough economy. I'm not concerned with any other chambers actually....just the one the man who is running for Mayor has been part of....Your words are extremely assumptious....that being said, I have NO knowledge of who I will vote for....hence the reason I an commenting and asking the questions I have. IF YOU do not like my questions.....then you have every right to ignore them.....Just seems as though you are taking my questions personally. If you are....too bad....go chew rocks for all I care. These are the questions I have and the answers I seek....I can only hope that it also raises awareness with others and possibly brings them o ask the same questions
Evelyn II March 12, 2013 at 01:32 AM
Then I hope you plan on attending the March 20th event to find out answers to your questions - maybe make a list of researched questions? (just a thought for you) Oh and as one of the embers of the Chamber, I will make my spark. And if you're not concerned with other chambers - maybe don't discuss how you're talking with them -just a thought...
Just Spanky March 12, 2013 at 02:19 AM
Your thoughts are insignifigant EvelynII.....But thank you for the invitation. Your nasty responses have spoken volumes...Amy...or I mean...EvelynII.....you should truly focus your thoughts on the disaster you have created and also remember...YOU are not center of attention here...whether positive or negative I know you relish in it....This is an opportunity for residents/voters to ask candidates questions regarding their platforms and pledges...so take yourself off center stage here and allow the actual candidate to respond rather than you blow smoke in order to mask his affiliation with the trapestry known as the Woodridge chamber of Commerce.
Evelyn II March 12, 2013 at 02:23 AM
nice guess - but you're waaay off - and i'm not sure what a trapestry is.... I'm not sure Amy would spend time on here.
Just Spanky March 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM
Regardless EvelynII.....you are not a candidate and my question/comment was and is directed at Mr Krucek. You aren't going to detour me from attempting to receive an answer. If you don't like what I have to say...ignore it. Oh yes......a typo....my sincerest apologies. In reading your posts, there were plenty of those as well as improper grammar.....but seeing that is not my issue I ignore. One really shouldn't point out insignificant flaws when they harbor so so any themselves. Now, if you would kindly zip you lip ( or refrain from your jibberish ) I would appreciate a response from Mr krucek ....his road block isn't going to work


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