Snow Rules to Know Around Yorkville

Make sure you aren't breaking any ordinances with your shoveling or where you chose to park if it's snowing - especially with $50 fines!

It's officially time for all that white stuff to start making a regular appearance.

And that means you need to make sure you're obeying all Yorkville City ordinances regarding the snow.

Parking on the street

Parking on the street during snowfall? Think again.

If there are more than two inches of snow on the ground and the plows need to come through you can't be parked on the street until it has been plowed or the snowfall has stopped, according to City Ordinance 2002-33

Besides, leaving your car in the street is a danger for anyone who might clip it while driving if the roads are slippery.

The violation for this ordinance is $50 per occurrence and the City is allowed to tow any vehicle, and any costs will be the responsibility of the vehicle's owner.


We all love it when our driveways and sidewalks are clear. 

But you can't shovel all of the snow into the street. 

According to ordinance 04-27 it is unlawful to deposit snow onto the streets while removing it from your driveway and sidewalk. The violation for this is also $50 per occurrence. 

Consider making a giant pile in your yard instead that the kids can play in, make a fort out of or that you can use to build the foundation of your own snow castle. 

Enjoy the snow - just keep it legal!
Jennifer A. Galis-Miedema January 02, 2014 at 04:43 PM
Funny cause the snow plows have no problem shoving the snow into our driveways?


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