Slimmer Yorkville Recreation Catalogue Sent Out This Week

Following the city’s decision to not purchase the REC Center, city leaders began to pare down recreation offerings, citing lack of space.

This week Yorkville residents can expect to find slimmer winter/ spring recreation catalogues in their mailboxes.

Following the city’s decision to not purchase the REC Center, city leaders began to pare down recreation offerings, citing lack of space.

Laura Schraw, interim parks and recreation director for Yorkville, said the new catalogue does not include fitness classes, REC Center memberships, swim lessons or open gym activities.

“…as these are a part of the REC Center budget and will no longer be offered when we leave the facility. All of those items can still be found online at the REC Center website and will be available as long as we are in the facility, just no longer marketed,” Schraw said in an email.

Regular recreation programming has not been cut, but Schraw said the future will determine if there is facility space to offer the programs,

While some of the classes included in the catalogue are set to be held in the small gym, Schraw said they could take place at an alternative facility if necessary.

In November Yorkville Mayor Gary Golinski charged members of the Parks and Recreation Board to consider new options for city-offered recreation without including the REC Center in its plans in the wake of voter opposition to a plan to purchase the building.

 According to unofficial voter results, 52 percent of voters in the 19 precincts in Yorkville rejected the question. Election results show 3,704 voters opposed the idea, while 3,408 voters, or 47.9 percent supported the plan.

The REC Center houses the Recreation Department administrative staff, fitness equipment and programs, a pool and several recreation classes, although some recreation programs are offered at city parks and at local schools.

The REC Center currently has 1,400 members. Over 3,000 people use the facility every month, according to city documents. In the wake the referendum Olson said a number of members have terminated their REC Center membership since the facility would likely be shut down.

Kibitzer January 16, 2013 at 01:24 AM
I still see an insane wringing of hands over the possible loss of the Rec Center. I say "possible" because I don't for one minute expect this to be the final decision on this matter. I saw the sentiments of the Mayor in a couple places, including the current catalogue. I hope and hope we do get away from buying the center. I just don't see it happening. Like the bike paths that were voted down. Those who can take from the pockets of the sensible taxpayer, will continue to do so. Then, the sensible taxpayer will have to pare down their living expenses. Then the "takers" will throw money at projects they want. Not what they need. Those who spend, indiscriminately, are cold blooded and greedy beyond all understanding. And when the money dries up, as it has to, these greedy people will move on to another town where they can start up their "vampire-istic" campaign all over again.
Dan January 16, 2013 at 02:39 PM
THe REC center is done. Families don't have a place for recreation programs. Teens don't have anywhere to play basketball. Seniors will loose their water aerobics and their quality of life will decrease. The City will incur about $600,000 in expenses to close the facility. Fewer people wil move to Yorkville because of our lack of Recreation Services resulting in lower property values. It's what you wanted and you got it. Please shut up!
Kibitzer January 16, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Well, Dan wants me to "shut up". Let's take a poll: those who like to make points against unnecessary spending, and those who really think it's their right to spend other peoples' money on what they want. I suspect the latter would overwhelm the poll, since that mindset overwhelmingly elected a President who firmly agees with spending tons of cash on horribly awful programs such as abortion. I have to see some of my taxes used on killing babies in the womb. I could rant on and on about the injustices our government has inflicted on many in the US (and in the world), but then I'd see a bunch of people like Dan, telling me to shut up. Until our government starts taking away my freedom of speech, I might just go on saying what I believe.


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