Local Marketing Firm Could Help Promote Yorkville Tourism

The Yorkville-based Pesola Media Group would use social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, among other tools, to bring foot traffic to the city.

What does the popular social bookmarking site Pinterest have to do with Yorkville?

It could have a lot to do with it, if the village decides to partner with to help brand the town.

Jason Pesola, owner of the Yorkville-based company, told aldermen at Tuesday's City Council meeting that social media sites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter would be just some of the avenues he would pursue to increase tourism.

“How many times have you heard, ‘Oh, you have a water park out there?’ I hear it constantly,” Pesola said. “We have one of the largest water parks in the state of Illinois. We have state parks and historic buildings. There’s so much going on in the downtown area as well as surrounding area. People need to know about this."

Pesola said social media is currently being underutilized by the city. But he said by using Pinterest, Twitter and the city’s existing Facebook page to promote events and attractions around Yorkville, more traffic could be driven to the city.

Pesola Media Group would also create and maintain an interactive website for the city.

“I would personally love to see the growth and development of Yorkville,” Pesola said. “Pesola Media Group has prided itself on always doing what I say I’m going to do. We say we will do it, we will. Our main goal is to create and drive the brand of Yorkville. If we have a cohesive brand we’re going to drive traffic to the city of Yorkville.”

Pesola’s fee would be 90 percent of the city’s generated hotel tax revenue.

“The bang for your buck is exponential,” he said. “I would love to see Yorkville explode. I see a very bright future for the city.”

Mayor Gary Golinski said the issue would be discusse further at the committee level.

Village officials could choose to go with the local firm rather than renewing its agreement with the Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. Some aldermen have .

Tim August 29, 2012 at 03:10 PM
"I would love to see Yorkville explode." If the rather noisy group of people who want to cut services by 20% in every taxing body succeeds, this is exactly what you will see, although it will be more of an implosion, than an explosion. Every small town has them sure, but Yorkville is now known throughout the area for the anti-growth attitudes from this single group. Good luck overcoming that perception.
Kibitzer August 30, 2012 at 06:00 AM
Tim, Tim, Tim! I have a hunch you are much too young to have a real grasp of the real world. You probably haven't had to really watch expenses like so many families have. Are you a "coddled" young man? What life experiences have you endured that make you such an expert on so many subjects? Not trying to be critical, as I don't have a problem with your sentiments. You are just a blade of grass like the rest of us that will wither away one day and will not leave behind one solid piece of evidence you were ever here. Don't you get it? Most people don't care what you say, now, and for sure will never remember your cries of injustice in the future! It is what it is, and that's that!
Tim August 30, 2012 at 05:16 PM
Unlike the noisy complainers in Yorkville, I actually was aware of what my taxes on my house would be BEFORE I built it(Yes, built. Not bought.). I knew that there was no way I was going to move anywhere with a SSA(which is, by law, set to go up every single year by a certain fixed percentage). I've been around long enough to understand the reaction people have to being told they made poor financial choices. Strangely, they always look for someone else to blame. Much like you are trying to deflect the main point of why Yorkville does not have a good reputation in the business world. In your non-coddled world, when you sit in meetings with companies looking to expand, which one of them has ever said "We should move to this location, because the residents are getting close to cutting services to such an extent it will jeopardize basic services. This is exactly the environment we want to allocate our limited capital into". If you want to pretend you are thinking long-term by pointing out my own mortality, then you are going to be taken to task for not applying the same long-term thinking to the way this particular town is run. After all, who exactly do you think should be paying for the invisible infrastructure(sewer/water) that allows you to live there in the first place? someone else? The construction was done before most arrived, but the bill has to be paid off after they arrive. It is not 'what it is', it is what you and your fellow neighbors made it.
Kibitzer August 30, 2012 at 07:02 PM
I have to laugh at your response, only because I happen to be "older than dirt", and computer illiterate for the most part, and love to just "yank a person's chain". You don't bother me as I have one foot in the grave anyway, and I don't really give a rip anymore what the politicians do to us. They'll all get theirs, one day. And everyone who makes poor choices, (I agree, and know many, many young people who have!), (and older adults, too!), will pay a price. It is inescapable. bye, Tim....


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