Letter to the Editor: Local Congressmen Have Not Offered Statement on Gun Control

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As of the writing and submission of this letter, I have contacted both Congressman Bill Foster’s office and Randy Hultgren’s office in Washington D.C. in regards to President Obama’s detailed and significant legislation to do something about the out of control gun violence in this country. 

To date, both Bill and Randy have no significant opinion or statement that I can find on this issue. Without question, people are very angry about what happened in Newtown, CT and people want action from their government to find ways to make our country safer and no longer be the leader in the industrialized world with respect to gun violence.

On this issue, it is unacceptable for both of our congressmen and any other member of congress to remain silent or neutral on this issue.  This issue  for as complex as it may seem, the position of each member of congress is simple and straight forward, they are either for the president’s legislation or they are not.  Regardless of their position, Bill Foster and Randy Hultgren are absolutely required to give a position and detailed statement on this issue. 

It is most troubling to me that Randy Hultgren as of the submission of this letter has said not one thing publically about this incident in Newtown and the awful shooting of 26 innocent people. He has statements about Hamas shooting rockets into Israel and the attack on our embassy in Libya on his website.  Yet there is nothing about a shooting that involved 20 school children in his own country? 

Bill Foster was given a second chance which is rare in American politics this past November 2012.  Will Bill once again avoid the public on critical issues and attempt to avoid them as he did while he was my congressman in the 14th district?  I certainly hope not for his second time around and especially on this issue; I hope he is as vocal as he possibly can be for doing what is right.  President Obama has supported Bill Foster in the past; I hope Bill can support him on this issue in a big way. 

Since 1968 per the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence web site, we have had more than one million people killed by guns in our country.  100,000 people on average shot a year and 30,000 killed by the use of a gun.  Any reasonable person can say this is totally unacceptable and out of control.  We elect our members of congress to act and help resolve our major national issues. 

This is as major as it gets and sitting on the side lines and doing nothing is not an option.  If both Randy and Bill take this approach, it’s time to once again look for new members of congress who are concerned about the well-being of our most cherished people in our country, our children.  What reasonable person can argue against that? 

Let’s hope Bill Foster and Randy Hultgren will care and take action.  Please contact their offices today and express your concerns on this issue please.  We are a great nation still and we are much, much better than what is happening today with respect to gun violence.

David R. Edelman
Oswego, IL

John January 22, 2013 at 06:58 PM
So many parts of this letter are inaccurate that it amazes me that the author didn't do simple Google searches to find the facts. 1. The US is NOT the world leader in gun violence. In fact, according to the CDC, many other countries have a higher homicide rate, both in total and per 100k people. 2. As congressman, Obama, voted 'present' on a law strengthening penalties for gun crimes near schools. Our current congressman are simply following his lead. 3. Hultgren's lack of comments. So what? He's an Illinois congressman, not CT. He doesn't have to comment on everything. 4. Brady Center (notoriously liberal with a specific agenda, kind of like going to the OPEC website to find 'facts' about oil) lumps together 'violence' including gang and drug shootings. In fact, historically these numbers have been dropping since 1981. I will be contacting both offices and encouraging them to support the Constitution (remember that doc, the one they swore an oath to protect and defend?) which includes the 2nd amendment.
David Edelman January 22, 2013 at 07:56 PM
John. Thanks for your remarks. All of my facts are taken from the Brady center, please feel free to review that well done web site. You do know who the Brady center is named after?. Regardless of people's positions on this, we have a major problem in this country on this matter. As I type this, we have yet another college campus on lock down for yet another shooting. It's getting harder and harder to Justify all of this. It's 2013, not 1776. We have become far too violent and doing nothing is not an option. At least for those who care that is as I do.
gater January 22, 2013 at 09:27 PM
in 1776 everyone had a musket your right it is not 1776 any more all the shit heads don't care about laws nor do the 12 million illegals we have now .I will choose to keep my firearms. you can wait for police tell me how it works
What a Deal! January 23, 2013 at 02:30 AM
1776 or not, it is a right and if David wants it changed perhaps he could call his congressman and ask for a repeal of the second amendment to the constitution. It only reuqires a 2/3 majority in congress and ratification of 3/4 of our states. Proposing bans and asking congressman to speak out will not stop the violence. Neither does a "well done web site" named after James Brady of the Reagan Administration.......what is that supposed to imply anyway? because he served under Reagan all conservatives should surrender firearms to our government. John is 100% correct. Get your facts straight and get off that ideological horse you rode in on.


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