Leaders Considering Joint Garbage Contract

Yorkville officials are waiting to see what Oswego officials decide at their next village board meeting.

Yorkville officials are keeping an eye on their counterparts in Oswego as they discuss garbage services.

"We are waiting until the next Oswego board meeting to see if they are going to adopt a similar garbage service," Yorkville City Administrator Bart Olson said. "If they do, we should be able to proceed quickly with an intergovernmental agreement and then a joint RFP (Request for Proposals).  If not, we will proceed on our own."

Meanwhile, Oswego officials want to hear more from those residents.

Though results of a survey conducted last year in Oswego revealed that 86 percent of those responding said they are satisfied with the current service provided by Allied Waste, trustees said last week they want to hear more from residents about what specifically they want in the service.  

Add to that a proposal to join with Yorkville in bidding out service, and Oswego trustees will have plenty to discuss when they meet Tuesday at .

At issue is what type of service residents want and how that might line up with Yorkville residents. Combining service with Yorkville could end up saving residents of both communities money, officials have said.

“I don’t mind going out with Yorkville… but we don’t want to get locked into an agreement that compromises what Oswego needs for what Yorkville wants,” said Trustee Tony Giles at last week’s Village Board meeting.

Yorkville’s contract with Veolia Environmental Services runs out at the end of April, and Oswego’s contract with Allied Waste ends two months later.

Currently Yorkville residents pay $41.74 every 60 days and are allowed one 65-gallon waste cart, one 65-gallon recycling cart and one large household item per week. The carts are provided by Veolia.  A $1 sticker is required for bags or containers outside the weekly limit, but residents are not charged for yard waste removal.

In Oswego, residents pay $40.88 every 60 days for unlimited pick-up with only yard waste bags needing a sticker.

Trustee Terry Michels said he supports joining with Yorkville if it makes sense for Oswego. However, he said trustees need a better idea of what residents want first.

“I think we need to define the program with Oswego’s needs and match that to what Yorkville needs and find some compromise,” he said.

Options discussed by Oswego trustees include sticking with the current service for a fixed cost or residents receiving toters that would limit the amount of trash to what would fit inside each week. Another option that could save some residents money would be a “pay as you throw” program.

Whatever option is finally decided upon, one of the biggest goals is to encourage more recycling. Trustee Gail Johnson said she understands residents are happy with the current service, but more needs to be done to educate on the benefits of recycling.

“It’s our job to look to the future and decide what is in the best interest of our village,” she said. "It's my understanding that within 20-25 years from now we won't even be allowed to haul our waste outside the village."


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