Election 2012: New Faces Headed to Kendall County Board

A compilation of all Kendall County Results.

On Tuesday you voted. Now, the results are in.

There were plenty of hard-fought races throughout Kendall County, from Clerk and Coroner to several district board positions. 

Read below to see who won each race. 

Kendall County Circuit Clerk

Incumbent Becky Morganegg, Republican, beat Democratic challenger Danae Iacovella with a 61.32 percent to 38.68 percent tally, according to unoffical vote totals. 

Morganegg had 25,937 votes total, with 21,209 cast on election day and 4,728 cast in early voting. Iacovella had a total of 16,364 votes with 12,801 cast on election day and 3,563 during early voting. 

The Aurora Election Commission, with only three precincts, gave Morganegg a number of 752 and Iacovella 741. 

Kendall County Coroner

Republican and longtime incumbent Ken Toftoy beat independent runner Mike Dabney with 23,177 votes for Toftoy in the county and Dabney with 17,573. The Aurora Election Commission reporting had Toftoy with 708 and Dabney with 682. 

Read: Toftoy Keeps Longtime Post at Coroner's Office

Kendall County Board District 1

Five spots were up for grabs on the Kendall County Board for District 1, with five Republicans and one Democrat on the ballot. 

The five candidates that claimed the spots on the District 1 Board include:

Judy Gilmour (R) with 13,141 votes, Amy Cesich (D) with 11,256 votes, John A. Shaw (R) with 10,625 votes, Matthew Prochaska (R) with 10,198 votes and John Purcell (R) with 10,002 votes. 

Robert Davidson (R) lost his seat with 9,472 votes. 

Kendall County Board District 2

The Kendall County Board for District 2 was slightly more open than the District 1 race with only three of the eight candidates going into the race as incumbents. There were five Republican candiates and three Democratic candidates going into Tuestday night's election.

The five candidates that claimed spots on the District 2 Board include:

Scott Gryder (R) with 9,297 votes, Lynn Cullick (R) with 9,018 votes, Jeffrey Wehrli (R) with 8,816 votes, Dan Koukol (R) with 8,800 votes and Elizabeth Flowers (D) with 8,149 votes.

Republican Jeremy Swanson did not earn a seat on the board with 7,969 votes. Democrats Kristine Heiman (7,702) Eveyln Maxine Givens (6,792) and Herman Johnson (6,337) also failed to make it on the board.   

The Aurora Election Commission gave the following numbers for each District 2 candidate: 

Gryder, 588; Koukol, 598; Wehrli, 641; Swanson, 524; Cullick, 590; Heiman, 655; Givens, 591; Johnson, 540; and Flowers, 669. 

Kendall County Referenda:

Kendall County: Shall the County of Kendall impose an additional surcharge of up to $0.75 per month per network connection to the existing $0.75 surcharge (total not to exceed $1.50 per month) which surcharge will be added to the monthly bill you receive for telephone or telecommunications charges, for the purpose of improving a 9-1-1 Emergency Telephone System?

Kendall County residents were very against adding a $0.75 surcharge to their network connection, with 31,183 voting no and 12,458 voting yes, according to the Kendall County Clerk's office. 

Kendall County: Shall the County of Kendall have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such program?

Kendall County residents did not believe the county should have the authority to arrange the electrical supply with 6,068 voting no and only 4,831 voting yes, according to the Kendall County Clerk's office. 

Nonbinding Levy reduction: Shall every levy of every governing body within the County of Kendall, Illinois be reduced 20% over the previous year's levy?

Kendall County voters were in favor of the levy reduction, with 30,270 voting yes and 10,615 voting no. 

The Aurora Election Commission said their numbers had the referendum passing with 75.5 percent, or 1085, in favor and 24.5 percent, or 352, in opposition. 

“Should the United City of Yorkville purchase the Rec Center to operate as a public recreation facility through a 20- year installment purchase contract at a purchase price not to exceed $ 2.5 million with interest at a rate not to exceed 6% per year?

According to unofficial voter results, 52 percent of voters in the 19 precincts in Yorkville rejected the question. Election results show 3,704 voters opposed the idea, while 3,408 voters, or 47.9 percent supported the plan.

Oswegosmarts November 07, 2012 at 07:53 PM
I agree
Oswegosmarts November 07, 2012 at 07:54 PM
Whats Davidsons buddies going to do now that he got bounced. So much for those no bid contracts.
Logansdad November 07, 2012 at 08:14 PM
"All but you, know they will say "NEA" to an Oswego Metra Station because it is folly and an unneeded and nonessential government service" Since when is public transportation a "government service". You say it is not needed because you would never use it. "So again, I suggest you wise up and learn some Political Calculus" Political Calculus - that must be George's new math - the same math that he used in his imaginary cost/benefit analyis for the Metra station. George you must be unemployed if you are that worried about me. Do you collect social security or does your wife support you? You do know the former mayor of Oswego also supported the Metra station so I don't understand why you pick on Mr LeClerq so much. I bet you drop in to the village hall on a daily basis since you live nearby.
Logansdad November 07, 2012 at 08:40 PM
"Well I heard that Logan's mom is a pretty lonely and distressed lady. Is she pretty good looking?" As I said before you have no interest in discussing the pros and cons of anything George. Oh that is nice. How low can you stoop George? Logan's mom died 4 years ago. What kind of picture would you like George? One of her when she was alive or a picture of her now. If you choose the latter, it may take me a while since I would have to dig up her corpse.
bzmanya November 09, 2012 at 12:19 AM
who is monitoring this ugly exchange between these two? I'm discusted -


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