City Reminds Residents of Snow Regulations

Parking on streets after a two inch snowfall can result in a $50 fine.

With snowfall finally predicted, residents need to remember city regulations over parking and shoveling snow, City Administrator Bart Olson said.

According to city documents when there are two or more inches of snow there is no parking on any city street except for emergency vehicles. A violation can result in a $50 fine. The city can to tow any illegally parked vehicle and bill the owners, Olson said in an email. 

It is against city regulations shovel into the streets. This can also result in a $50 fine, according to the city. Anyone observing a violation of this ordinance may file a complaint by notifying the United City of Yorkville Police Department, Olson said.

Only mailboxes that are directly struck by a city vehicle or piece of equipment will be eligible for replacement. Residents must notify the Public Works Department within three days of the occurrence. Upon notification, a representative from the city public works department will inspect the mailbox and determine whether or not the mailbox was properly installed, whether the material was in good condition, and if it was struck by a city vehicle. While it is being assessed, a temporary mailbox will be erected. Mailbox damage caused by snow being propelled into the air from a plow truck will not be eligible for replacement.  Full ordinances and standards are available on the city website in the services section or the public works page.


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