2012 Primary Election Profile: Todd Milliron

Republican Todd Milliron is running for a Kendall County Board District 1 seat.

Address: 61 Cotswold Drive, Yorkville, IL. 60560
Campaign contact information:  http://www.todd4kendall.org; Phone Number = 630-553-9590     
Age: 55
Family: Married 23 years to Pam Milliron, 3 children, Nicole 21, Amber 18 and Christian 15
Education:  BS in Political Science from Kansas State University, Self- Employed Sole proprietor in the insurance business, employed as an Independent Insurance Agent since March 1987 as service man, not a salesman.

Previous elected or appointed positions: 

None, I have been in regular attendance at Kendall County Board meetings since late 2006, Attended KCB Citizens Solid Waste Advisory Committee Meeting for drafting the current 5-year Plan.  KCB would not appoint me to that panel, but I was welcomed with open arms by the citizens that were appointed.  Over the next 12 months, a forward looking solid waste plan was drafted that embraced new technologies and other ideas for waste disposal.  Landfills were banned from Kendall County by that 5-year plan.  I have been the Citizen’s KCB Watch Dog for the past 5 years, which is something the current KCB and Sheriff do not like or embrace. 

Candidate Questions

1)     What can you do to foster economic development in Kendall County? What level of cooperation do you think is necessary with municipalities to accomplish this? 

KCB Economic Development Chairman Dan Koukol has had little to work with, yet is actively promoting Kendall County.  Other Counties have a dedicated employee whose sole job is to promote and highlight the things that their county can offer new businesses to locate in their locals.  Currently there is little or no coordination between the four municipalities Economic Development Corporations/Dept. or their Directors with Kendall County.  Our current KCB’s effort is minimal at best.  There are tools in the EDC’s tool box that are not currently being publicized or utilized, we can do better.  Funding for this EDC effort was increased from $5000 in FY2010-11 to the present $15,000 in this year’s KCB 2011-2012 Budget.    Someone needs to be a fulltime promotional person and make the start to coordinate with our four city friends EDC efforts.  We have county tax incentives and county loan funds available already to create more jobs in our county, the problem is no one is consistently selling our county or telling the outside business community we have these tools in the EDC tool box for them to use.  It is an area where I think we can do better than the current KCB’s effort. 

2)     Would you support a 0.75 percent RTA sales tax to locate a Metra stop in Kendall County?

I support putting a referendum on the ballot to see if this is something Kendall County Voters collectively, by majority vote, want to pay for. There are many benefits to public transportation.  Presently Kendall Area Transit (KAT) has significant Senior Rider usage and they value that independence to get around.

Public information seminars should be conducted throughout this county by the Regional Transportation Authority at locations and times that are convenient for the citizens of this county, with some held on weekends too. Voters then would be able to give an informed response at the ballot box.   If that RTA Referendum fails; County Voters say NO to a RTA tax, we can stop thinking and planning for county rail mass transit, devoting our limited resources towards completing roadway transportation corridors like the North-South Wikaduke Trail, which presently has some 4 lane segments in place. 

3)     What lessons did you draw from the dog bite incident and its aftermath?

Proper Record Keeping was virtually non-existent, followed by a lack of adequate policy. What policies they had in place were not enforced.  There was no KCB supervision, oversight or review by Anne Vickery, Susan Petrella and Nancy Martin, the members of the KCB Animal Control Committee entrusted with that duty.  For years, Pleas from volunteers and willing financial/pet food contributors from within the animal rescue community were ignored.  Now we have a lawsuit filed against the County.

Do you think the changes the county has made at Animal Control are adequate?

A qualified director for animal control has now been hired who is not some KCB’s extended family member, as was the case with the prior KCAC director. Volunteers are now embraced.  New policies have been put in place and record keeping has been tightened up.  Other than the lawsuit filed, we are now on track to protect the public from dangerous animals and provide good environment for animals that are uncared for.

4)     Do you think the redistricting process was fair for people who live in the county’s larger municipalities?

No, the 2012 Two-District Reapportionment Plan unfairly diluted municipal resident interests and also may have disenfranchised minority populations within certain areas of the county.  I question whether KCB Resolution 11-19 (Reapportionment Plan for Kendall County) it is even a binding legal document because what was voted on June 7, 2011 was rushed, incomplete and did not possess legal boundary descriptions as required by law, nor was that document ever date stamped for when it was finally completed.  I presented a 5-district plan (still 10 KCB members) proposal that gave the cities equal and proportional representation, it was ignored.

5)     Aside from the issues discussed above, what issue or problem do you think the county board should address, and what action would you take if elected/re-elected?

I would open up Kendall County Government make it more Citizen Friendly and more Transparent.  Currently the County has the technology and the software to put the KCB recorded meeting audio on the county website.  It is something they talked about doing in May 2010 and have yet to do.

We can put the Kendall County Check-Book online so you, the voter, can see each month how your tax dollars are being spent. It is something I proposed on several occasions and even went so far as to provide the source for free software to accomplish this goal to the current Kendall County Board on 12-1-2009. To date, that idea has been ignored for posting County Bills, Invoices, Credit Card Statements and Checks.

I would like to revise the Kendall County Technology Ordinance to address the flawed current policy that allows for ONLY a 30-day timeframe of retention of County E-mails. For comparison, our neighbor to the north, Kane County, has a 7-YEAR retention policy for emails.

Last, I would allow the Veteran’s Commission of Kendall County to do their job and make sure they have adequate funding, Recently, the KCB forced the KCVAC Board to cut Friday’s Transport to Hines VA Hospital, our Vets deserve 5-day a week service, especially those Vets who are on Dialysis.  It won’t be long before the KCVAC needs a new Van, the one they have is 7 years old and it will need to be replaced soon.    


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Todd Milliron March 08, 2012 at 03:34 PM
MikeK, If you look at my voting record which is on file in the county clerk's office you will see I have voted Republican in every election since moving here in 1996 except once; when in 2010 I chose to claim a vacant Green Party Ballot slot for Kendall County Board. It was a way to get to the general election and shine light on what was going on in the Sheriff's office regarding sexual harassment of female employees and misuse of the county credit card by Sheriff Dept. Command Staff. In that primary I did ask for a Green Party Ballot and I did vote for myself. The rest is history and some changes have been made at the Sheriff's Dept. Presently there are still two Sheriff Dept. EEOC sexual harassment complaints that have yet to be adjudicated. For more info, click and go to: http://yorkvilleinsider.org/kcscredit.html
MikeK March 08, 2012 at 07:48 PM
That's not an excuse for running as a Green Party candidate. If you need to wait and work issues out your party, then that is respectable. If you hop around parties, it shows a person that lacks stability. It would have been a better idea if you ran as an Independent. So far from the issues that I have seen you involved with, gallantry is not the definition that comes to mind. Respectful discourse would help at meetings and for informational requests.
The Fighting Fox March 08, 2012 at 09:17 PM
Illinois makes it almost as hard as possible to be an independent candidate, so that often becomes an exercise in futility, and for most that have succeeded in getting on the ballot in Illinois, the stigma of being an independent can be a swan song for a campaign. So I could care less what Mr. Milliron labels himself this election or last, or next even. Whichever party he affiliates with he is by far their best candidate in my opinion. What he is lacking in style points he makes up for in guts. He's stood up against deeply entrenched local machine politicians and their cronies time and time again while cowards in every political party kept their mouths shut to save their behinds or protect their friends. If he does nothing else ever again I'd still vote for him.
MikeK March 08, 2012 at 11:35 PM
I guess this is the excuse for just switching parties whether it is getting in the general election or because of the ability just to be an independent. Not much of an excuse but i would have rather heard "Sorry made a mistake for not working issues out and talk to my fellow party members." I'm sure the local paper would have liked to break those stories of corruption and cronyism and Mr. Milliron seems to have a "good in" to getting the story, if it is credible. As for breaking the story of sexual harassment in the sheriff's office....I'm sure since it's public info that is not much exposure to the story. The insurance company wanted it settled. Welcome to America, sue just low enough to have the insurance company not want to litigate it because it would cost more money to have attorneys present it in court. WOW! what an entrenched story no one would have found out.
MikeK March 09, 2012 at 11:19 PM
I usually do not bring in family members of a candidate but if they like to carry on a discourse, they are open to words too. As for the working out of issues, I fail to see your point of issues being of just a party or even just Republicans. People that are not politically stable people tend to jump around in party affiliation and from what I see, conservatism tends to actually have to right answers to the issues in the country and county. Maybe you should give it a try yourself. Yes, your dad checks on information that anyone can get, it's called FOIA. The only issue that I have experienced is when a person makes a conspiracy out of a non issue pointing and laying blame on people that have no connection or when the situation is out of their hands. You stated "He does what he does because he beleives(sic) the curruption(sic) is aboundent(sic) in the local governments." When you believe something that implicates another you better have good to great evidence or you are just slandering people. When it comes to truth, it's not truth because the first person to talk about an issue is truth or who talks the loudest. That's why I stated in a previous post to be respectful which I have not seen with this candidate, your father. Voting for one person does not eliminate issues and I think your definition of scandal is a little broad. No, I most likely will not vote for him just like most of the county. Please get get spell check too.


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