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Truck Driver Charged In I-55 Crash That Killed 4

Deputies Arrest Man for Theft of a Vehicle

Yorkville man picked up in Elburn.

On Nov. 16 Kendall County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Koss E. Hambrock of Yorkville for theft of a motor vehicle.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Hambrock, 45, stole a vehicle from another Yorkville resident residing on Countryview Drive. Hambrock was stopped in Elburn by police and detained until Yorkville officials could arrive.

In addition to theft of a vehicle, Hambrock, 8045 Van Emmon Road, was charged with criminal trespass to a motor vehicle and criminal damage to property. According to the report, Hambrock broke a window of the vehicle at some point during the crime. He report does not specify if he broke the window to enter the vehicle or after he was caught.


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