Bristol Area Man Who Called Police Over iPhone Gets Probation

Phones calls captured the attention of CNN's Anderson Cooper and The Smoking Gun in November.

The Bristol area man who called police five times because his iPhone was not working pleaded guilty last week to resisting a peace officer.

Michael Skopec, 48, of the 200 block of Swanson Lane near Bristol was sentenced to two days in jail and a year of probation, according to The Beacon-News. He also was ordered to pay $775 in fines and restitution and to take a drug and alcohol screen, The Beacon-News reported.

Audio of Skopec's calls, which include strong language, was posted in November on The Smoking Gun. First, he asked the dispatcher why his iPhone was not working, and then, in a separate call, declared the non-working phone was, indeed, an emergency, according to The Smoking Gun.

CNN's Anderson Cooper also mentioned incident on "The RidicuList."


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