Letter: Resident Supports Cullick for Kendall County Board

Reader endorses the incumbent from Oswego.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
Lynn Cullick has been a friend of mine for about 10 years.

I met her when  we worked on a project to help Oswego 308 School District. When she ran for the school board I supported her. During her years on the school board she has done a very good job looking out for the interest of our school children. She is now serving on the Kendall County Board from District #2.

I think she has done a very good job making sure we all know what is going on at the county board. She is smart, caring and willing to work hard to carry our concerns to other members of the board. I'm going to vote for Lynn Cullick and I hope everyone in District #2 will do the same. 

James J. Feeley


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