Plano Molding is a large manufacture in Illinois

I read the ten wonderful things made in Illinois article. I wanted to say: " Not only is Plano Molding and its surprisingly large number of products huge, it is older than any of these companies except Caterpillar. It has been a "local" company always...and now has expanded to the west so that not only Plano, but also Sandwich and Mendota can county it as home. It certainly should be mentioned on such a "local" site as the Patch claims to be. "  But to do so they wanted me to give me all the information on all the people on my Facebook page. I do not feel that I have the right to do that. Many of my "friends" are not well-known to me; they are there for information about several things. I should not have to "pay" for a comment with -their-personal information. Of course they want to add them (and me) to their mailing list. I have too many legitimate pieces of such mail now, and I suspect they do too. I understand that Patch is struggling. But my friends should not have to "give up their mailboxes" to help out.


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