Letter to the Editor: Join Kendall County Residents in Voting on Nov. 6

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Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for letting me address the residents of Kendall County. As we begin to look this fall at the election, I would like to encourage the residents to please join me in voting on November 6th.

The right to vote is a fundamental right. We as Americans need to give thanks for the ability to participate in a debate and discussion over who will be our leaders. We are fortunate to live in a democracy and have the freedom to discuss the issues and continue to build the fabric of America that distinguishes us as the greatest country on earth.

On November 6th the Great American debate will be taking place and I ask the residents of Kendall County to join me in exercising their right to vote. If you need assistance or have questions please call the county clerk’s office at 630-553-4104 for more information. Thank you and please join me in voting November 6th.

Evelyn Maxine Givens,

Kendall County Young Democrats

Candidate for Kendall County Board

Dan October 21, 2012 at 03:45 PM
I'd also like to encourage the people of Kendall County to vote. Especially if you believe you have a right to express your constitutional right to speech without being intimidated by someone stealing a yard sign expressing a presidential preference. Or if you believe you have the right to put property in yard without needing to worry whether or not someone might try and intimidate you by trampling your property rights. Or if you believe residence of your neighborhood might be able to freely express any opinion they might hold without one group feeling the need to set up a systematice campaign of intimdation, by say violating the above rights by stealing from there neighbors. Can you please return our yard signs expressing a presidential preference. I pretty sure stealing is a crime, is against our constitional rights to property, and is a violation of the commandment " Thou shall not steal".
Bob Allen November 02, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Sorry about your signs, Dan. I have had many signs stolen over the years. I wonder how many people will vote in this election? Some of the candidates are not very impressive. And someone with a gun had to tell me who would be more compassionate for a grieving family. I am glad you could point that out to me, because my compassion-o-meter is in the shop. The real question in this election is "Who will do the best job at crushing the middle class?" The competition is fierce on this issue. Who will ship our jobs overseas faster? Who will borrow us into oblivion? Who will tax small businesses to death? Who will provide more corporate welfare to the "too big to fail?" Who will reward those don't work so that no one works anymore?


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