Letter to the Editor: Dabney Thanks Supporters

Independent Mike Dabney, of Oswego, is running against Republican incumbent Ken Toftoy for Kendall County coroner.

Now that I am on the ballot, (fantastic!!) I am looking forward to having fun with my campaign. I am very excited about running and having a chance at being elected Coroner of Kendall Co. It was some work getting the signatures, especially considering I had to obtain over 10 times the signatures my opponent had to obtain. I believe this shows the commitment I have to becoming the Coroner of Kendall Co. However, it is was great going door to door, meeting people, and meeting people at different events. I met a lot of really good people. I heard a lot about issues that concerned people and I heard a lot of good ideas. I am looking forward to bringing these ideas and issues out during my campaign.

I would like to thank everyone who signed my petition. The support was tremendous. I would also like to thank all of the people who supported me by circulating my petition. To all of the people I have not spoken to yet, I hope to see you at future events throughout Kendall County and in your neighborhood. I wish everyone in Kendall County a safe and happy summer.

Mike Dabney
Candidate for Kendall County Coroner


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