Letter to the Editor: Business Owner Touts Amy Cesich for Kendall County Board

Owner of White Water Ice Cream says Democratic candidate is running to serve the community.

Being a County Board member means doing what is best for every resident of Kendall County. It is a position of service not politics. The meetings are many and the pay is little. I know that the best person you could vote for this Tuesday for District 1 is Amy Cesich.  

Amy has participated in service for the community ever since she moved here seven years ago. She was a member of her Home Owners Association Board for three years until she was appointed to the City Of Yorkville's Parks and Rec Board in 2011. She has been a volunteer for Kendall County Pads since it opened. She takes a weekly overnight shift that no one wants to take because there is a need there. I talk to a lot of people in this community. Recently I was talking to a candidate for County Board District 1. He told me that his political party was worried that Amy would win. He admitted that she was very qualified and would be good on the board but she was not in his political party. I asked, "Don't you think there is some dead wood on the board now that could be replaced by someone who can do a better job?"  He just laughed and said, "Yes,  but she is in the wrong party,"  I asked him, "Don't you want what is best for the residents, not what is best for your party?" All I got back was a smirk. This is the problem with many running for board. Either they want the power, the health insurance or to advance their own political agenda or party.

Amy is running in order to serve the residents. She has attended all meetings or read the minutes for over 6 months. She will not take the health insurance, saving the tax payers money on day one. If you have ever met Amy you know, like I do, that she is smart, honest and hard working. This is not a political election. It is an election for the people. The people need Amy on their side. Vote for Amy Cesich on Tuesday!

Robyn Sutcliff

White Water Ice Cream, Owner


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