Letter To The Editor: Support Dr. Cosimo

I would like to echo Harry Linden's support for Dr. Julie Cosimo.  While neither he, nor the Cosimo campaign have promoted his support, the evidence of this showed up on the D2 Reports filed with the State Board of Elections.  Mr. (and Mrs.) Linden have contributed $2500 to Dr. Cosimo's campaign.  This speaks volumes as to how the Linden's believe that Dr. Cosimo will represent the people of the 50th District.  Also, this speaks volumes as to how they feel that Keith Wheeler would represent the district, if elected.  Why do I make that assertion?  Because Harry Linden knows Dr. Cosimo, and Keith Wheeler as well as, if not better than anyone else.  He's known both of them for years, and he happens to be Keith Wheeler's father-in-law.


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