Kevin Sings the News: 'Keep Your Family Close By'

Every week, Patch troubadour Kevin Trudo will sing us a song based on the past seven days of headlines. This week, he gets a little scary.

Harold Camping may have been wrong about the date. But this week, Patch troubadour Kevin Trudo is seeing signs that the world may soon be ending.

Of course, he’s seeing those signs in Patch headlines from the last seven days, so your mileage may vary. This week’s song is called “Keep Your Family Close By,” and it includes stories about (deep breath): in Darien; two Plainfield sisters who over the thermostat in their home; a discussion about in Yorkville; a Montgomery case of a man ; and weirdest of all, an in-the-works movie about Drew Peterson .

It’s all wrapped up with an apocalyptic twist, and the song ends with a verse about the of a B-17 bomber in Oswego, from which—thanks to the skill of the pilot—all seven people aboard escaped unharmed. Lyrics to the song are printed below.

By the way, Kevin’s co-star in this video is named Yorick. (Of course.) For more on Kevin Trudo, check out his Facebook page.


Keep Your Family Close By
I don't know if you noticed
The end of days
While the weather's getting scary
And as we end the Mayan Age
It's said to heed these signs:
Men will
And make the private public in the streets
Discord will settle over sisters
They will

Or they will…
Or they won’t… 
Or they won't accept private money…
Our noses will grow where our feet were
Men will
And no matter how much I squint
Rob Lowe
Your chariots will
It must have been terrifying
That pilot got them safely by, thank you
And as the world ends, count your blessings
And keep your families close by

Maria Zaren August 06, 2011 at 01:18 PM
Great lyrics...:)


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