Bookmarks: Autumn at the Library

The Yorkville Public Library shares ideas for fun fall reads.

Fall is coming and here are some ideas for consideration at your

With the advent of autumn comes cooler temperatures (we hope) and busy schedules with the return to school (and extracurricular activities) for many families.  Why not think soup for dinner, which offers welcome warmth and convenience.  Yorkville Public Library has a book by Susannah Blake entitled 500 Soups that has recipes for “Roasted Bell Pepper and Mascarpone Soup”, “Pasta and Meatball Soup”, and 498 other recipes that may entice your culinary tendencies.

For those with a creative interest, check the book The Thimbleberries Guide for Weekend Quilters and find directions for a quilt pattern entitled “A Patch of Pumpkins” that depicts (what else?) pumpkins in appealing shades of rust, cream and brown.  The Library has many other quilting books and craft books with autumnal themes.

Did you know that in the Fall, the shorter days and cooler nights make the chlorophyll start to dissipate?  The latent yellow and orange hues begin to show through.  The brightest displays come from dry weather and are extended as long as the frost holds off.  Eventually the cellular “glue” weakens at the connections between stem and plant, thereby allowing the leaves to drift down to earth.

Of course, Fall means FOOTBALL! There are good local high school teams along with college football and (dare I say?) National Football League.  If this is of interest to you, check out Da Bears!: How the 1985 Monsters of the Midway Became the Greatest Team in NFL History.  To offer another side you can check out Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers:  Super Bowl XLV (for those with green and yellow coursing through their veins).

Finally, we have an extensive collection of sheet music, donated by local musician Erma Hardekopf, that includes the music for “Autumn Leaves drifting by my window…”


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