Kendall County Property Tax Revolt – Ballot Referendum

Thanks to nearly 3000 signers for their support. Our petition has been officially filed.

We want to thank the nearly 3000 registered voters who stepped up and signed the petition to demand a 20% levy reduction on the ballot in November. This couldn’t have happened without a dedicated group effort. There are hundreds more sheets still coming in and we are gladly accepting them. Thank you, one and all!

There was a very good comment from someone named Audity on Patch that helps state the people’s position, “The question that needs to be asked by elected officials before they spend a single dime is whether or not the cost is warranted, justifiable, and substantiated. In an era of wasteful government spending the argument that there is not room to cut unnecessary spending is a weak one, and Kendall County is no exception.” The 3000 signers of this petition feel our elected officials must not shout out threats to rile people’s emotions but rather have their staff look at expenses as if their own family budgets were in the same position. People need to know that it’s really not the budget that needs scrutiny, it’s the levies. The levies increases parlays into higher property taxes if left unchecked.

This group of concerned people has reached their limit. It is time the officials do the difficult job of auditing and assuring the people that the government is spending the money wisely. This referendum isn’t the solution – it is just the catalyst to make positive change.

For those who think we are a political group; we aren’t. Taxes are crippling every political party supporter. We want to begin finding better solutions. The time is now. Join with us and get Kendall County out of the top 25 in the nation in property taxes. Together, we can help ease the terrible pain the taxpayers are feeling. Watch for our referendum on the ballot November 6th.

Thanks to Laura we have a slogan, “For the People – Not From the People.” We are trying to help a local business by making shirts available with this slogan. Steven’s of Yorkville has these shirts available for purchase at a very reasonable price. Call him today at (630) 553-7710 and order yours. As we attend the levy meetings and all other meetings we can show our solidarity. Again, thank you to everyone who got the nearly 3000 signatures in just two weeks. Quite miraculous!

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Dennis August 13, 2012 at 02:20 PM
@ Oswego Resident. Nice try at a backoff on Julie L. My guess is that most people do look at the tax levies before they decide to buy around here, but probably many do not realize the increased waste that they pay for nor do they foresee the continued large increases that people vote for via referendums. Not too long ago there was a contributor to the Patch that had a link to the Sheriff's Department expenditure report. It showed meals at expensive restaurants, stays at lavish hotels in Las Vegas (to transport inmates) , etc that were reimbursed on 'our' dime. This is the whole point of this Tax protest, to ask that that sort of waste and extravagance be halted. Nobody is asking that essential services be cut to irresponsible levels.
Oswego Resident August 13, 2012 at 06:17 PM
muvin on - do you think there is 20% of "waste and extravagance" in the police department or fire department or library? these are the entities that the Tax Protest is including in their across the board 20% tax cut policy. They make no distinction among county and local departments or limit their scope to only the Sheriff and Coroner. As for noticing the increases, all it takes is a look at a property tax statement from the local assessor's office. They list the last three years taxes on the parcel in question. Not really too difficult, IMO.
Karen L August 25, 2012 at 09:22 PM
I too am an Oswego resident, except I have a different point of view. I moved here in 1996 and according to the bank my home is worth the same now as when I purchased it. Homes on my street and nearby are selling for the same low range as I paid in 1996. However, my taxes have nearly tripled from 3800 to now 10,550/year, with an 800$ increase last year alone. This is taxation out of control with the cost of living. My monthly tax payment has now exceeded my mortgage payment by 300$. The sad part is my income has not tripled. I did my homework when I moved here, as I am sure a lot of people did. It used to be a great place to raise a family, now it's uncontrolled spending and poor money management. I am thankful that there are people like Julie L willing to still move here because I'd love to sell/retire someday in a county that won't raise taxes exponentially. I believe this is the reason for the revolt fellow 'oswego resident'.
Mark A Johnson August 25, 2012 at 09:42 PM
@ Oswego Resident - "muvin on - do you think there is 20% of "waste and extravagance" in the police department or fire department or library?" Have you driven by the new fire station at 3511 Woolley Rd? And you say there isn't money that can be cut? And there is much more if people will just open their eyes...but some will never open their eyes to common sense and frugal living...
Todd Milliron August 25, 2012 at 10:44 PM
@Oswego Resident, Cutting the Kendall County Coroner budget by 20 percent is very easily made with no reduction in services to the public. Cut the waste, cut all non-essential expenses, and find a way to get the job done without any fulltime employees or their fulltime county benefits is a good recipe. Then reduce even further the number of part-time deputy coroners from six to two part-timers and you just may have the beginning of a good start on day one, 12-1-2012, the start of the county fiscal year and a new day when elected government officials are sworn in. It just takes one person to lead by example, be dedicated and to show all the other elected officials within Kendall County that it can be done, but one must be serious about only providing required staffing and paying just for the necessities. That person is Mike Dabney, the Independent Candidate for Kendall County Coroner.


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