Kendall County Property Tax Revolt – A New Beginning

My final property tax BLOG. Watch for KCPTR BLOG coming soon!

This will be my final BLOG on property taxes. I began this BLOG with the intent to help people understand the property tax appeal process and rally people to make change. I have fulfilled that goal. Somehow on the way there others joined and the group began to discuss bigger and better ideas. In a very short amount of time this group of volunteers has accomplished a great deal. We now have a referendum on the ballot to help reduce taxes instead of increasing them. Every voter can now voice their opinion in the security of the voting booth. That is a major change to business as usual and local officials had better pay attention.

The conversation of constantly raising the tax levies has turned to a conversation of reductions as seen by recent comments from the Kendall County Board and the City of Yorkville. Now that the people in Kendall County have a voice at the table we want to continue the reduction theme. We are not content with the reductions proposed so far but it is encouraging the conversation has changed. We want to hear from the school districts, park districts, library districts, and all the rest. Our plans are for our group to help the members of each board make the right decisions with the taxpayer as part of the equation going forward.

We have also been working with other groups outside Kendall County and are drawing on their expertise to enhance our own. We have assembled a mighty group of soldiers and expect some skirmishes will be very difficult for everyone involved. We also have seen the first few shots being volleyed by elected officials with threats to cut the most precious or volatile areas to try to turn the tide against us. My advice to those officials is to be careful with your rhetoric. The common folk are awake and are getting educated in the financials of government.

I am hoping that more people now realize that only about 1/3 of the revenue that government spends comes from our property taxes (http://taxfoundation.org/article/where-do-state-and-local-governments-get-their-tax-revenue). Our 20% reduction in levies relates directly to everyone’s property taxes but is only about a 7% reduction overall to the revenue stream of government. And that is if all the other sources of revenue don’t increase as the economy improves. So those who state our 20% cut to levies somehow equates to a 20% across the board cut to government’s budget are misguiding the conversation. The true across the board reduction number is much closer to 7%.

The end of my BLOG is really just the beginning of the Kendall County Property Tax Revolt group’s effort. The group will be very vocal while pursuing the objectives of our mission, “We believe every citizen has the right to own and afford property free from excessive property taxation.” I am signing off my personal BLOG to allow the group to pursue the mission of every taxpayer in Kendall County. Join with us and help the group reverse the trend that has been killing the common man. The conversation has changed. It may also be time to change those who stand in the way.

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jacki October 12, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Mark, do you have a link where we can continue to follow this group and find out how to get involved?
Mark A Johnson October 12, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Jacki, Email me at kendallcounty@gmail.com and I will put you on the list to receive updates.
Stephen Youhanaie October 12, 2012 at 10:42 PM
Mark, you did a good thing. FYI, Coroner Candidate Mile Dabney looked at the operation of the Kendall County Coroner's Budget, and found that the expenses could easily be cut by 20% or more. He has mailed a letter (his dime-first class) to thousands of Kendall County residents about the amazing petition drive that you and a few friends launched. I'm hopeful that other candidates for local elected office (this Spring) will look to see how they can whittle away at one of the most expensive property taxed counties (as compared to median income) in the nation.
Jake Delrose October 13, 2012 at 03:35 AM
Youhanaie, Gone to another blog and continue to spread your vitriol? So Dabney wants to cut the budget by 20%..mmm. Let's see.. Cut the vehicle maintenance budget and then what the Coroner's office will have to go to Enterprise rental because the vehicle is in the shop?? Reduce salaries of two people in the office?? Eliminate mileage costs? I guess that is your direct correlation to one of the deputy's, that saved the county over $1039 dollars for not getting paid for training. I guess Dabney wants people to work for free. Reduce office supplies? Come on! How does the county or this office know when people pass?! You don't know of any unforeseen expenses that arise from this and the county has to pay for the expense by state statute. Dabney's plan is not a reduction but a higher expense and liability to the county, that will cost us in the long run. Maybe he has no plans to be working for Oswego FD after this election since he threw so many people from his dept under the bus. No thanks!
Jake Delrose October 13, 2012 at 03:41 AM
Mr. Johnson, Have you looked into the expenses of the Yorkville school district and the reasons to why they get the bulk load of taxes? That's where I see the biggest issue at, not at the county agency levels that actually provide a service to those in need. I will admit, I am a proponent of school vouchers and I believe you would see your tax bill be drastically reduced, if there is competition in the school system, to relieve the taxpayer of the heavy burden of retirement costs and administrative salaries. Any thoughts to this issue and your actions to this information?


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