Help Out INK 180 so They Can Help Others

All it takes is a "like" on Facebook.

Chris Baker at the INK 180 shop.
Chris Baker at the INK 180 shop.
You've most likely heard about INK 180 and the amazing things that they do to help others. 

But if not, here's the quick version.

Oswego resident Chris Baker is the founder and owner of the INK 180 Ministry. He offers free tattoo coverups for sex trafficking victims and former gang members looking to turn their lives around. 

And he's been doing the majority of this work out of pocket for years.

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In May 2013 INK 180 opened a physical shop in Oswego at 27 Stonehill Drive Unit D, so Baker could offer tattoo services to paying customers as well as continue his work for the ministry.

Now INK 180 has a chance to win $1,000 worth of free tattoo supplies for the ministry, but they need your help.

If you're a fan of INK 180 and what they do, please "like" their Facebook page

If INK 180 can get 10,000 fans by Feb. 1 they can win the free supplies. As of this posting they're at just over 8,300 fans. 


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