House Hunt: Five New Yorkville Area Listings

In this week's House Hunt, we show you local homes that have just been placed on the market, courtesy of Aol Real Estate.

Welcome to House Hunt, a regular feature designed to give you a peek at Yorkville's real estate market. This week we spotlight Yorkville homes that were just placed on the market, courtesy of Aol Real Estate.

In the future we may feature homes that have been listed for months, homes offered for less than $150,000 - or simply homes that will be showcased in upcoming open houses. If you have a suggestion for a topic or an upcoming open house you'd like to promote, please e-mail me at jillian.duchnowski@patch.com.

Kibitzer August 24, 2012 at 05:07 AM
So many bedrooms and bathrooms! Look at the amount of water being consumed with all those bathrooms. I lived in a house at one time that was one bedroom and one bath and there were 7 of us living there. In all the moves my family made, I don't think we ever had a bunch of bedrooms, and for sure, never more than one bath. Even when we all were in highschool, and there were 8 of us by then, we had one bathroom. How on earth did we ever manage? Now, even in my adult life, we have one bathroom. While raising a couple kids to adulthood, we had a single bath. And we managed to stay clean, and got to our classes, jobs, appt's, etc., etc. on time! Guess it's all about working as a team. When they start rationing water in the future, what will people do with a shortage of water??? Time to face reality, I think!


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