Do Ghosts Haunt the Oswego Township Cemetery?

Ron Reeder, an Oswego man who says he can talk to spirits, claims the cemetery is occupied by ghosts. He recently told his story on the Biography Channel's 'My Ghost Story.'

As Halloween approaches, many of us get the tingle to tell ghost stories to scare their friends.

But what if the ghost story was real?

Ron Reeder, a medium from Oswego, recently had the chance to share a ghost’s story from the Oswego Township Cemetery on Main Street with My Ghost Story, a show on the Biography channel

Reeder, who prefers the term "communicator" instead of medium, said he has been communicating with spirits for many years. He said he has witnessed ghosts at the downtown cemetery and captured the spirits in photos provided with this article. 

On Oct. 5 Reeder was featured in the season three opener of Biography’s series My Ghost Story, which features paranormal encounters. Reeder’s story though was like nothing the producers had ever seen before.

“They’re used to dealing with paranormal teams, investigators,” said Reeder.  “I was different.”

Reeder said he sent the show's producers his story late one evening earlier this year. He was contacted the very next morning and traveled to Los Angeles a short time later to film the show. The show also visited the cemetery this summer to film on location.

In the episode Reeder starts his story by visiting the Oswego Township Cemetery with a long-time friend, Jonathan DiBuono.

“I’d often ask myself about the people who are laid to rest there,” Reeder said in the episode. “I’d always stop at the gates.”

Reeder had been to the cemetery many times before, and had taken DiBuono with him to other locations to share the experience. But this time he felt a mass of “spiritual energy” and went to take a picture of it. That’s when he heard a voice speak to him.

“I’ll show you an effing picture you’re never going to forget,” the voice said.

Reeder described the feeling of the spirit energy as, “Literally [coming] up the road like a locomotive… It was on top of us.”

He left the cemetery, with DiBuono a few moments later.

Photos Reeder took show a mass of spirit energy, to which DiBuono said, “I’ve never witnessed something on that scale. You can’t forget what you saw. I don’t ever want to see it again.”

Reeder returned on his own to the cemetery later to figure out what he had seen. The same voice he’d heard earlier came back to him, accusing him of coming to take photos to exploit “them.”

“No, I am not,” Reeder responded. “I am here to connect with the history.”

He turned to walk away but the ghost asked him to stop and introduced himself as Michael. Michael proceeded to show Reeder what he called two spirits, a male and female, joining hands in the cemetery and floating away.

Reeder took a picture and identified the spiritual energies as the couple and Michael. He's been back multiple times since, but has not heard from Michael again.

For those that want to go to the cemetery to find ghosts, Reeder cautioned against it.

“When you go there and you’re connecting, they realize what’s going on,” said Reeder. “Instead of running around with flashlights, you’re there for a purpose.”

Reeder said he doesn’t want people to “mob” the Oswego Township Cemetery, or any sacred place, with flashlights. 

“I did what I did for a true story… for a reason.  The spirits have respect for that," he said.

For more information on Reeder and his connections, visit his website The Man Who Talks To Angels. There he hosts a weekly live-stream video in which takes calls from all over the world to connect people with their deceased loved ones.

“It’s not like what you see on TV,” said Reeder. “I don’t say what they want to hear… that they’re in heaven and everything is fine. We talk about things that have happened to them in the past. The connections I make are real life stuff.”

To view the episode of My Ghost Story, visit this third-party website. Reeder’s segment begins at the 26-minute mark.


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