Concealed Carry Courses Available!

Concealed Carry Courses Available in Yorkville!

Tac Pro Training Group has openings in our July 19 & 20 Illinois 8 & 16 hour Concealed Carry Training Course!

With current law enforcement officers as instructors, you’re sure to get high quality training and insightful tips, not only on the legal aspects of carrying a concealed firearms and the legal use of force, but years of experience from individuals who have carried firearms on a daily basis.

Why take a class taught by an instructor who only reads from a book, and has never carried a firearm or dealt with legal issues?

Tac Pro Training Group has received great reviews from our clients, and our instructors have been praised for keeping the class fun and interesting. We go above and beyond the State mandated minimum, and take pride in ensuring our students come away with a sense of confidence to protect themselves, and those that matter the most.

Check out www.tacprotraininggroup.com for more information, and to sign up!


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