New Year, New Start, New Life!

YOU can decide what your life will look like? A life of excitement, setting goals for things you want to do instead of the things you don't want to do. It is time to live OUTLOUD!

Okay it is irresistable, we have to talk about the upcoming end of the year and hopes and dreams for a brighter tomorrow in 2013.  Otherwise known as a New Year's Resolution.  Only about a third of Americans will even take a stab at it and by the end of the year, 12% will say they accomplished their goal.  With odds like that no wonder two thirds of the population skip it entirely. But it is a GREAT time to set new goals and prepare for new challenges.  You can be successful if you follow some very simple guidelines.  I outline these possibilities more in my book, PAUSE: Lessons on how to get what YOU want out of life, but here are some free tips to increase your sense of accomplishment.

First, make a goal that focuses on what you want to do, not what you don't want to do.  For example, instead of a goal to eat better, replace it with a goal to develop a eating plan.  Menu's in advance, so many calories each day, so many fruits and vegetables per day.  Focus on doing not restricting.  If you would normally want to make a resolution to not smoke, instead make a resolution that every time you would normally reach for a cigarette, you drink a full glass of water.

Second, make the goal something you can do everyday.  For years it was thought that you would have to do something on average 16 times to make it a habit.  That number has recently been updated to 66 times.  Not to be discouraged as truth is always more powerful in the end, then the disappointment of failing after 16 tries.  Look at change as permanent so 60 or 100 times doesn't matter, it is for life anyway.  Everyday.

Third, set goals that are limited in duration.  Only make a goal that is for 30 days a contract if you will and then decide if you want to re-negotiate your contract for another 30 days.  If that is still too much a challenge, make it for 7 days.  Don't get caught in the trap of making goals that last for the year, take little bites.

Fourth, what is the back up plan?  One of the most common mistakes people make is not preparing for support and discouragement.  You have been at it for seven days and decide to step on the scale.  You shout out, "What's the point!" when you read the numbers.  So who do you call?  Not only should you have someone enlisted before you begin your journey, explain to them what you need them to do or say.  Be a cheerleader or a critic, let them know so they can be at their optimum for you.

Finally, select goals that work more than just your body.  Think Big!  Think in terms of personal growth not just weight loss and smoking cessation.   Neuroscience has been showing that if you work in multiple dimensions at the same time, it raises the success in all the areas.  Most people pick physically related goals, but add to that goals to read everyday, to sing everyday, to make something and not only will it make your results improve it will help you grow in many ways.  

Thursday, December 27th from 5-7PM I will be at Rosati's Pizza in Yorkville and signing copies of the book.  20% of the food purchased that night by the guests attending will go to the Kendall County Food Pantry.  For more information feel free to contact me at 630-392-1953. Or visit my Facebook page for ideas of things you can do that will build you in many dimensions.http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pause-the-book/214540228681611?ref=hl

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Sue Smith January 04, 2013 at 05:28 PM
Great insight, I am in complete agreement! Your book sounds interesting and inspiring!


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