Yorkville Year in Review: A Look Back at Local Voices for 2012

The good and the bad, a look back at some of Yorkville's local voices sharing their passions and concerns.

We're looking back at the year that was and rounding up our picks of some of the stories our contributors shared that defined Yorkville Local Voices for 2012.

In Business it is What You Do Next That Counts The biggest thing that separates successful and less than successful business is answering the simple question, “What do I do next?” 

Special: The Conversion of Ordinary to Extraordinary 20 Eisenhower silver dollars slid onto the floor. I was surprised and delighted. I think there is something magical about a Eisenhower dollar coin. I wondered who had given them to us. They were all bicentennial dated silver dollars.

The 9mm Buddy Badge and Other Unknown Badge Holders at Kendall County Coroner’s Office  Do you know how many deputy coroners we have in the Kendall County Coroner’s Office? If you do, you are a very diligent person. It is not easy to discover just how many the county has and who they are. I tried to find out and came up with varying numbers and an assortment of names.

d Above is another example of wasteful and unmonitored  spending by our county board where “itemized receipts” were intentionally withheld by yet another county-wide elected official, this time it is Kendall County Coroner, Ken Toftoy.

When Can We Let Go of Looking “Perfect”? I want to know: How did we, as a society, end up in a place where what we look like often defines how others think us...and worse yet-how we might actually think of ourselves.

Kendall County Property Tax Revolt – Ballot Referendum We want to thank the nearly 3000 registered voters who stepped up and signed the petition to demand a 20% levy reduction on the ballot in November. This couldn’t have happened without a dedicated group effort. There are hundreds more sheets still coming in and we are gladly accepting them. Thank you, one and all!

Kendall County Property Tax Revolt – Negotiating a Future People ask why we chose 20% reduction in the county-wide levies. Simple answer – to get us back to where we were just 5 years ago. Think back to 5 years ago.

Does it Help if People Know About Suicide? My mom took her life in 1979. In 1982 I attended a suicide conference in Texas and visited a Suicide Prevention Center located in a horrible crime-infested part of the city.  The  wrap-around-porch on this beautiful, old building was protected by bullet proof glass  The residents of that neighborhood were very protective of the center.  The hotline volunteers who answered the calls from desperate people, sat at desks on that porch.  I knew right then and there that one day, somehow, our area would have such a center.

Blog: A Childless Mother Revisits Her Loss and Pain Every Mother's Day Still, there needs to be a word for the mothers who have lost their child on other than the battlefield. These mothers need and deserve a name, a label, some sort of recognition as well, even if they choose to use it only in the privacy of their heart. When a mother loses a child, the vast emptiness in her heart needs to be at least partially filled with some recognition and term of remembrance.

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