Couple 'Takes the Plunge' at Raging Waves

They recited their wedding vows in front of 'The Boomerang' ride Saturday at Yorkville's water park.

Samantha Kolar wore a bikini underneath her traditional wedding dress and veil Saturday so she and her better half could properly take the plunge as the first couple to get married at .

Kolar, 25, and Andy Lee, 34, both of Plano, are season pass holders and enjoy bringing their family to Raging Waves. It seemed a natural fit to this family-oriented couple to celebrate their wedding at the water park on Yorkville's north side.

“We wanted a fun and unconventional wedding that was a true celebration. We wanted it to be a blast and fun for our kids,” Lee said.

Lee has three children from a prior marriage: Elena (10), Angelina (8) and Gavin (7). Kolar and Lee together have Andrew (4), Matthew (2) and Juno (1 ½).

Lee said he’s quite a jokester and when he told family and friends of their wedding venue that they didn’t believe him. Since then, Lee said they had been supportive of the idea.

In lieu of walking down the aisle, the bride walked across the waterpark on her father’s arm as "Pachelbel Canon in D" played on loudspeakers across the park.

Meanwhile, the groom and the guests waited on the observation deck of The Boomerang water ride. Then, there was a quick ceremony where Kolar and Lee recited their vows in front of family, friends and the crashing waters of The Boomerang behind them. In his vows, Lee referred to the adventure of their relationship.

Immediately after their first kiss as husband and wife, they walked to the top of The Boomerang, quickly removed their formal attire to reveal bathing suits underneath, and came down The Boomerang sharing an inner tube, taking their first plunge of marriage together.

The groom’s brother-in-law, Rev. Dan Otte, conducted the ceremony.

“I’ve never done anything like this," Otte said. "This wedding is very unique and a lot like Sam and Andy."

The couple have been together for 5 ½ years and have been planning this wedding for six months.

Lorayne Lee, mother of the groom, first suggested the idea of marrying at Raging Waves.

“Raging Waves has been phenomenal," Lee said. "They have been great making suggestions and helping out with everything. They’ve gone above and beyond. They even delivered great weather.”

Albert Shelton, Food and Beverage Manager at Raging Waves, said he felt a combination of pride and surprise when he learned of the couple’s intentions to marry at the water park.

Shelton said the park handles large group outings quite often, but this was the first wedding. Members of the management team brainstormed ideas alongside the bride and groom and came up with the idea to use The Boomerang.

Olivia5307 June 18, 2012 at 05:26 AM
UGH! How about taking marriage seriously??
Carl J June 18, 2012 at 02:46 PM
Who says they aren't serious about their marriage? I like the idea of doing something different than the traditional. They obviously like to have fun which will probably help their marraige. They have 6 kids anyway...would you want to take that many kids into a traditional church wedding? Good For them! I bet they are great parents too!
Elizabeth Kolar June 18, 2012 at 07:05 PM
The thing I liked about this wedding (and as a photographer I have seen a lot of weddings) was that Sam and Andy really wanted their guests to be comfortable and have fun celebrating a very special day with them. There was plenty of time to really hang out with family members, the bride and groom and meet friends of the family. Their personalized vows were so heartfelt and caring. Thanks to the Lee family for being tremendous hosts!
Kathy June 19, 2012 at 02:15 AM
My daughter and I were just talking the other day about different places people get married. She thought this was an awesome idea -- it's someplace their family loves, somewhere they and their friends could enjoy themselves. A wedding doesn't have to be boring & stuffy .. it's a celebration of their life together. This is how they chose to celebrate it. Congrats to them!


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