Meet Blogger Jen Slepicka: Suicide Prevention a 'Big Part of Who I Am'

The Yorkville mom also blogs on the Patch sites in Batavia, Geneva, Oswego and Plainfield.

Photo courtesy of Jen Slepicka/Taken during the Suicide Prevention Service's Santa Shuffle, which she organized.
Photo courtesy of Jen Slepicka/Taken during the Suicide Prevention Service's Santa Shuffle, which she organized.

Meet the Blogger: Jen Slepicka

  • Read the blog: Peeka's Page of Positivity
  • Home Patch site: Yorkville Patch
  • Sites blogged on: Yorkville, Oswego, Batavia, Geneva, Plainfield

What can people learn about when they read your blog?  

I'm drawn to community projects and events. Ideas that create a positive response and helping people.

Tell us a bit about yourself -- where are you from, what’s your background? 

I have been a Yorkville resident for the past 13 years. I'm a mom. A friend. An internet professional of 15 years. I smile a lot, I'm great with kids, and I make a mean chipotle salsa.

What are your ties to the community? How did you get started with a local blog? 

A friend was running our local Patch and asked if I would be interested in blogging. Over 200 blogs later... (I honestly didn't realize I had so much to say!)

What’s something interesting you would like to share that readers of your blog might not know? 

I thought I would grow up to be a pediatrician and I never envisioned having kids of my own. I have a 7-year-old son whom I absolutely adore. (I think anyone who reads my blogs knows the latter.)

Do you have another website where people can learn more about what you do? 

Suicide Prevention Services of America is a big part of who I am. I'm very involved in SPS. This would be a great place to learn more: www.spsamerica.org

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