Youth employment opportunities

Career Counselors Laura Stransky and Mark Leigh help youth prepare for jobs and find jobs.
Career Counselors Laura Stransky and Mark Leigh help youth prepare for jobs and find jobs.

Out-of-school youth aged 16-21 are invited to apply for a free program that will provide training and subsidized employment.  The program is run by the Grundy-Kendall Regional Office of Education and is funded by the River Valley Workforce Investment Board.

To be eligible for the program youth must meet income guidelines and other requirements.  High school drop outs are welcome to apply and can receive assistance preparing for the GED.  The application process involves completing forms, interviewing, and testing. 

“The purpose of our program is to help youth overcome their employment disadvantages, gain experience, and make some money,” said Mark Leigh, Program Coordinator.  “It is an invaluable opportunity for youth who are trying to find a job.”

Before being matched with a private or non-profit employer in subsidized employment, youth make resumes, improve their interview skills, and learn what employers want from employees regarding such things as punctuality, initiative, and attitude.  Youth must demonstrate reliability before being placed in subsidized employment.

Youth placed in subsidized employment have their wages paid by the youth employment program while they work at a local organization.  The organization receives the benefit of the youth’s work at no cost, but the organization is responsible for training and supervising the youth.

To learn more about the program, call 630-553-4166 or email an inquiry to yep@roe24.org.


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