Have you been visited by the "St. Baldrick's Shavee", Meredith W.?

Turn this chocolate coin into real money by donating to St. Baldrick's!
Turn this chocolate coin into real money by donating to St. Baldrick's!

Oswego District 308 4th Grader, Meredith W., is going door-to-door to request donations for St. Baldrick's Foundation and to allow people to purchase authentic St. Baldrick's items to show their support. 

On March 21st, Meredith W. is shaving her head to raise funds and awareness for kids' cancer through the St. Baldrick's Foundation in front of her whole school at Southbury Elementary's Character Counts assembly.

Since 2005, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation has awarded over $127 million for life-saving childhood cancer research.  By sponsoring Meredith W. and making a donation, you’ll be helping to find cures for childhood cancers.  Meredith's goal is $5000.  To help raise awareness to her fundraising campaign, she wears something green to school every day.  If you run into her, ask her why she's wearing green.  She'd love to tell you!

Should the "St. Baldrick's Shavee" visit you, please consider donating to this worthwhile cause.  For those residents not home, this "St. Baldrick's Shavee", is leaving behind a door hanger with a green foiled, chocolate coin.  Please consider exchanging this chocolate coin for real money by donating to Meredith W.'s webpage.  

Help Meredith W. help others!  PLEASE DONATE!

To donate by phone, call (888) 899-2253, Mention Shavee #664215.

To donate online, learn more, to see her video and to check out pictures of her fundraising journey, go to Meredith W.’s webpage:  


Oh, and be sure to "Share" and "Like" her on Facebook.  She checks several times every day! Thank you for making a difference!


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