Community, please be on alert:

I have seen a young man twice this week in the
Heartland/Heartland Circle neighborhood. He is approaching stay-at-home moms on the premise of  selling
educational book sets for kids.

He has
blond hair, light build, thick accent and rides a bike. When he came to our house, I
told him I never buy anything from my front door and I encouraged him to
leave info and his name, but he wouldn't. He presented me with his
sales permit from the city and mentioned other moms and kids, by name,
that he met prior to coming to my door. He was EXTREMELY persistent. I
had to be very firm to get him to leave.

I believe this company to be the same one that worked
this area about 5 years ago, with questionable sales tactics
(specifically, asking the names and ages of children in the house,
schedules, husband's work hours...) and leaving many of my neighbors
uneasy about the info they were gathering. It was suspected that they
were casing and gathering info about families, specifically with
children.  Back then, we were encouraged to call the police if/when we
see these salesmen.

This was just posted on our neighborhood site, alerting neighbors.  I thought I'd share it here, in hopes of alerting the community to use best discertion if you find this young man at your doorstep this week.


Lisa Elfstrum August 14, 2013 at 07:34 PM
Many of us in our neighborhood have "No Soliciting" signs that are ignored and these sales people have been showing very aggressive and persistent tactics. I'm not here to say that any foreigners are here to kidnap or that others are at the door trying to support themselves, but I will say when there is this much disrespect and in your face strangers constantly barraging your front door, it gets a little old. Most don't mind the local kids from schools, clubs, sports teams and scouts, but having inner city kids dropped off for the day from Chicago to sell candy bars and magazines isn't my idea of a good thing for anyone- the sales kids included. Foreign or not, anyone talking to my kids, asking names of friends and neighbors and not taking no for an answer need to have their "selling permits" revoked. When my kids are outside, dogs are barking like crazy and I'm in a room where the person at my door can see me, I'm going to be polite and answer. Expecting the same respect in return when you're on my property does not seem to be unreasonable. P.S.- While there are plenty of sex offenders amongst us in our own neighborhoods, the sex trafficking here and abroad is a real thing. If you do a little research, you will find it is something to be concerned about- much more than most of us have realized. When we are in our homes, with our families, we should not be constantly subjected to a barrage of strangers at our front door on a daily or weekly basis.
L. Leslie August 14, 2013 at 07:57 PM
I have a no soliciting sign and that hasn't stopped them!! I ask them if they can read...and tell them to leave!!!
Auroran August 18, 2013 at 06:14 PM
The young man in question stopped by my door (in Aurora, near Ogden & Montgomery Road) a few weeks ago. He is from the Slavic regions, and he & another young man (whom I saw him with later that same day) are selling these items to try to raise money so they can go to college another year here in the States. No one is trying to abduct anyone's children, just trying to become legal and hard-working U.S. citizens (eventually). They seem honest and innocent-- although rather persistent. As for the kids from elsewhere dropped off to sell magazines & trashy stuff in suburban neighborhoods, I have seen those too. Many times they've claimed to be from a local school, but can't name even one of the schools in the district. In fact, one year the first of them to stop by told me terribly sad stories of how she alone in the world, on welfare, and the clothes she had were the only ones she owned. I smelled a rat, & politely sent her off empty-handed with some sympathetic comments (her story was too much to believe). A few hours later, another one popped by. Some polite conversation with him revealed that the first girl was their top seller, was a lot older than the high-schooler she claimed to be, and was far from broke. Later that week, a news-magazine-show on TV talked about how most of these kids who are dropped off like that are not even from the same state they are selling in, and all of their sales are scams. If you have the time, offering these salespeople you don't know some water on a hot day and some sympathetic conversation about themselves CAN be VERY revealing about their actual situations and products. At the very least, you will be showing some kindness to some person who might have been cheated into selling garbage they don't really want to sell, but have to in order to get back the "investment" they had to pay in order to sell that trash.
J. Ann August 20, 2013 at 12:19 PM
All I can say is that guy sure gets around!
leigh cohoon August 24, 2013 at 03:43 PM
He came to my house in settlers ridge sugar grove 8am this morning....my son thought it was a neighbor girl coming to play, answered the door...told the man I was busy. My son came back and told me there is a guy at the door and he needs to speak to me...very persistant. Told him I wasn't interested he then showed me some lainyard around his neck ....don't remember the name...he appeared to be Swedish or something similar...the first description is def him...had a blue car. Very annoyed by him....he finally left.


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