5 youth complete GED in nick of time

Jeff Deland displays his GED certificate.
Jeff Deland displays his GED certificate.

Five youth in the Kendall Youth Employment Program (KYEP) completed their GED requirements just before new national GED policies started in 2014.  People who had passed part but not all of the GED faced a deadline of earning their GED in 2013 or starting all over again. 

The youth who buckled down and earned their GED diplomas are Erin Larson, Yessica Mata, Sam Fagan-Jared, Gabriel Saucedo, and Jeff Deland.

Jeff Deland, 17, had a number of pressures on him in December besides needing to pass the GED math test, his least favorite subject.  Spending a week in the hospital with an appendicitis attack “made life interesting” as did the “stampede” of last-minute test-takers filling all the available slots.  Career Counselor Laura Stransky helped Deland keep abreast of test availability and helped him cram for 2 hours prior to the test.  Deland ended up scoring a 500 in math which was 90 points more than he needed.

KYEP is a free program that helps 16-21 year-old youth find jobs and/or earn their GED.  To be eligible for the program youth must meet income guidelines.  KYEP is a program of the Grundy-Kendall Regional Office of Education and is located at 109 W. Ridge St., Yorkville.  The program is funded by the River Valley Workforce Investment Board.  For more information, call 630-553-4166 or email yep@roe24.org.


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